Feeding foreign cats: If possible only in an emergency

Even if the strange cat that sneaks through your garden from time to time is so charming: you shouldn't feed it. Most cat owners aren't happy if your pet eats somewhere else all the time, and for many good reasons. Feeding a strange cat in the garden is not always in the owner's interest - Image: Shutterstock / Charlie Bard

Feeding a strange cat is not forbidden on a small scale, but it doesn't make sense either. Especially not if she lives a few blocks away and receives the ration of cat food tailored to her every day.

Feed a strange cat: Too much or the wrong food

On the one hand, cats can simply get too fat with the additional ration of food. Overweight is a common problem with castrated animals, which can affect health and should not be supported by you.

A cat may also be accustomed to only getting dry or wet food and could have problems with changing the food. If the pet is sick and has to eat certain dietary food or take medication, it can also lead to health problems if you do not pull together with the cat owner.

The cat can hardly be seen at home

What you should also keep in mind is that a cat that is regularly fed by you may feel too comfortable with you and will hardly ever go home. This could not only worry or annoy the owners, but in the worst case, also encourage legal action.

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If it cannot be avoided

However, if you have a cat flap or feed your own pet outside, sometimes you cannot prevent a “guest” from sneaking in and feeding. If this is the case, it is best to contact the owner of the little Schlawin to find a peaceful solution together.