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The Bedlington Terrier is a very curious-looking dog, surprising with its strong jaws and pear-shaped head, covered with a very curly and silky coat. The haircut of the Bedlington Terrier is unique among the Terrier's cuts, which is based on curved lines. The length of the body hair should not exceed 3 cm, being a little longer on the legs. The neck should be clipped in the shape of a "U", the tail, nails and the top of the ears should be trimmed to the tip, leaving a small tuft of hair.


The Bedlington Terrier is one of the oldest breeds of dog in Britain, resulting from the cross between the Poodle, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier and the Whippet. It is estimated that the breed was already established in the late 18th century, in the Bedlington district. This dog was very much appreciated by the miners in the north of England, who used this dog to exterminate the rats in the galleries. Hunters also considered him a relentless pursuer of hares, badgers and foxes.


Like any Terrier, Bedlington is very tenacious and fearless. His blood heritage gave the breed light weight, flexibility and liveliness. This is a dog that loves to play sports and enjoys going to the garden to run. This does not mean that the breed does not adapt well to life inside houses, but it is necessary to take it every day for long walks. He is a very kind, playful, caring and obedient dog, but he can sometimes refuse to obey anything that is contrary to his will. As a reflection of his own lineage, this dog always takes the initiative in fights with other dogs, but in general he is a charming and ideal companion dog.


The Bedlington Terrier's body is flexible, powerful and elegant. His legs are medium in size, light and muscular. The hind limbs appear to be longer than the forelimbs, because of the dorsal and lumbar curvature. The head is rounded and narrow, in the shape of a pear, covered with an abundant silky coat. The breed has an almost white tuft, and the "Roman" nose forms a continuous line with the skull. Its ears are moderate in size and oval in shape, low set, pendant, close to the cheeks, whitish in color and arranged in silky fringes. The Bedlington Terrier's eyes are small and bright, set and deep, with a triangular shape. Its tail has a medium size, tapering towards the extremity, with a moderate curve and light plumage, carried downwards, never towards the back or horizontally. The breed has a rather thick and matted hair that tends to curl.

Specific care

It is essential to brush and comb, once a week and take it to a professional stylist, to maintain the silhouette. The hair cut needs to be done with scissors and is quite complex and meticulous. It is important that the first grooming is done by a specialist as a matter of whim, and the great advantage of the breed is that there is no exchange of hair. This dog's diet should completely discard pepper, bread, sauces and certain fish, all foods rich in copper, which is a harmful element and very difficult to remove from a dog's body.


The Bedlington Terrier breed is very resistant and not prone to specific diseases. ? Several specimens are so sensitive to copper that they could suffer a serious illness, similar to hepatitis Wilson in humans.

Video: Ratting with bedlington terriers in Hertfordshire (July 2021).