Dog Steaks - Advantages x Disadvantages

The health of the animal depends on several factors, one of the most important, without a doubt, is the adequate and balanced diet, which gives your puppy all the nutrients it needs. But in addition to being nutritious, the food has to be delicious too, and to help in this regard, there are several types of snacks available for dogs, such as steaks for dogs.

You steaks for dogs they are snacks, not a power source. These products contain a high salt content and are therefore not recommended for dogs over the age of 7 years.

Steaks for dogs and other snacks are generally used as a reward. Owners often use steaks as a reward in the training process, encouraging the dog. This is the most suitable purpose for these steaks, just as a “snack”, a treat.

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The evils of steaks

The feed you choose for your dog must meet the pet's needs, needs to be well balanced to ensure quality health. When giving snacks like steaks for dogs in excess, you may end up disturbing more than pleasing.

Dogs are very fond of steaks and you may be tempted to give them every day or even a few times a day, because you want to please your pet. Although the intention is good, know that you can cause the imbalance of his food. What the feed balances, the bifinho can unbalance, if it is given in excess, especially if the dog starts to prefer the bifinhos instead of the ration.

You steaks for dogs they are made of shredded and salted meat and can be of various flavors, such as turkey breast, bacon, chicken and meat. Excess of this type of snack can cause canine obesity, accumulation of fat in the liver, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and excess fat in the blood.

For this reason, steaks are completely prohibited for obese dogs, with heart disease, kidney disease or liver problems, as it would directly worsen the condition of the dog.

Think that the dog is like a child; a lovable being who needs your care and attention. As much as we want to give all the sweets in the world to a child, just to see him happy smeared with sweetness as if there was no tomorrow, we know that it is not healthy, right? That's why we control it. It is no different with the dog.

As much as the dog likes it, you as the owner have to learn the limit that divides the liking and the carelessness. THE steaks for dogs it can be a treat, but it can also become the villain of the story.

When should I give my dog ​​steaks?

This question is very easy to answer: just as a snack. The name petisco already implies that it is not a complete meal, just a “preview” of the food that is to come. Adopt this idea when giving steaks to your pet, only the other way around, give the snack after the meal.

Alexandre Satoshi Sano, director of the São Paulo Society of Veterinary Medicine, emphasizes that this type of snack should only be purchased if it has the Sif (Federal Inspection Service) seal, to guarantee the quality of the product. It also warns that the snack should be given after the ration. So the dog will first eat the main meal, with all the nutrients it needs and, if space is left, eat a steaks for dogs, without exaggerating.

The problem with these steaks is the high content of salt and fat, although they are more palatable to the dog's taste, and this can influence him not to eat the food in hopes of getting the steaks, so it should be given after the food and not more than one a day and, even more ideal, that it is given only 4 times a week.

Because the dog really likes the flavor of the steak, which is salty than the feed and contains up to 80% beef, when you give one after he does something right in training, he will understand very well that what he did was right and so it will repeat, to earn more. Steaks can be great incentives in obedience training.

Think that this is a way of showing affection for the dog, giving a treat that he likes, but that must be moderate. Your presence and attention will be worth much more and will only do good for the dog's health!

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