Pet Shop - Diversity and practicality

Generating more and more income and demand, the pet market is one of the fastest growing in the world, encouraging those who seek to profit from this universe and enabling the expansion of the pet store sector in the country. Popularly known as pet shops, these ventures attract a growing audience (in view of the great acceleration of the market and the number of houses with pets over the last decade) and, to meet this demand, these stores offer an increasing variety of products and accessories.

Whether in physical or virtual format, the concept of pet Shop that conquers the consumer is almost always the one that manages to gather, in one place, all the necessary items to maintain the health of the pets. However, the current scenario ends up demanding much more than those who want a high position of recognition in the segment; since, with the great offer of today, more and more enterprises resort to products considered almost superfluous to attract the clientele, offering items that go far beyond the basic necessary to maintain the well-being of a dog or cat.

Pet fashion items, traditional and alternative medicines for animals, modern and innovative toys, luxury items, materials for events and parties for dogs and cats and even products for the care of the environments most frequented by pets (home and garden) already make part of the portfolios of large pet-shops; not to mention the provision of various services related to the quality of life of pets, increasingly present in pet stores in the country.

In addition to physical stores, the number of virtual stores also grows at a fast pace in the Brazilian pet market, allowing the maintenance of hygiene, health and well-being of pets can be done with the convenience of a click. Find out more about the products and services offered by pet shops of the new generation, and learn how to use the wide variety of this market (which earned more than R $ 14 billion in 2012) in your favor.

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Products in the pet store

Offering items for the health and entertainment of domestic animals that include everything from birds and rodents to fish, reptiles and insects, pet stores have dogs and cats as the most benefited pets with the wide variety of products. With gigantic sections completely aimed at canine and feline pets, today's pet stores offer everything needed for proper hygiene and the elaboration of a balanced diet for your pet - making animal care much easier.

With regard to food, pet shops strive to provide the top rations in the market (premium), with the most respected brands in the segment and an immense diversity of types, including dry and wet food in different versions of shape, size and packaging. Snacks, cookies and even the famous bones - in the case of dogs - can also be found in droves on pet stores; which, in some cases, even include the biggest “novelties” in animal treats, such as Puppy Cakes (cupcakes for pets).

The hygiene sector also leaves something to be desired, and all kinds of products and tools that can help clean pets - indoors and properly - can also be found in pet stores. Brushes for hair and teeth, grooming machines, shampoos and specific conditioners, tissues and hygienic rugs, litter boxes, diapers, odor eliminators, instruments for cleaning delicate areas (such as ears and eyes) and even perfumed colonies are part of the list of items for the health and beauty of canine and feline pets.

The concern with the comfort and safety of pets is not left out of the list of products available in pet shops, and it is easy to find all kinds of accessories to avoid accidents and set up a safe and cozy corner for your pet. Collars, vests, muzzles and hangers have different versions to suit every type of dog, while nameplates, guides and transport boxes can also be purchased in the most suitable models for your puppy or pet cat.

Beds, mattresses and houses also have a guaranteed place in pet stores, where the variety of toys and products for the entertainment of animals exceeds expectations. From tennis balls and stuffed animals (for dogs) to scratching posts and mice with catnip (for cats) - almost anything that is fun for your pet can be found on pet store shelves.

Currently, a large part of pet stores they already have special pharmacies on their premises, where they offer medicines from the most traditional to the most alternative to care for the health of pets. Formulas for specific problems - such as obesity, kidney, gastrointestinal and heart problems - are part of the set of products offered, as well as antiallergic, antifungal, analgesic, antibiotics (which should never be administered to your pet without prior consultation with a veterinary professional. ).

Alternative medications such as homeopathic and floral remedies are also offered by many establishments in the segment, which also have specific accessories for the treatment and recovery of sick or injured animals - such as Elizabethan necklaces (cones) and post-surgical clothes, among others. As previously mentioned, luxury and fashion items now make up an important part of pet stores, and it is not difficult to find fashion models, costumes and even wedding clothes for animals in the most complete stores.

Provision of services in pet stores

Combining the necessary with the pleasant, more and more pet stores are betting on offering veterinary care and pet maintenance services (such as bathing and grooming) to win and retain customers. Making life easier for those who have a four-legged friend at home - as the owner is free to do his shopping at the store while his pet is properly taken care of - the provision of services in pet shops it is more and more common, making the owners happy with less time.

Dressage, lodging and the sale of puppies are items that also appear among the services offered by some pet stores and, depending on the success of this type of facility, the number of establishments that follow this mold should still grow considerably.

New pet store formats

As in almost all product and service segments, the online universe has taken over the pet world, and more and more virtual pet stores can be found, allowing the maintenance of the health and well-being of pets to be done through simple web browsing. With a simple click it is possible to receive - in the comfort of home - food, accessories and toys for your pet, saving precious time, and allowing the hours spent in a physical store to be used with the pet itself.

Making it possible for pets that have very busy owners, virtual pet stores are a good option when there is no urgency involved with what you want to acquire. However, the veracity and credibility of such establishments must be well analyzed before a purchase is made, as, as in other sectors, there are opportunists who also try to take advantage of pet lovers.

Entering the wave of market growth, the pet stores they even begin to test formats that did not exist until recently, and nowadays, it is possible to find establishments completely focused on animal adoption.

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