Why does the cat roll at the sight of you?

As soon as you walk by, purr lays on his back and shows off his belly? Find out what he means by that.

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Of the range of feline behaviors, this is probably what is most often misinterpreted. The fact that the cat is rolling at the sight of you does not mean that you have to stroke its tummy. But then why is he doing this?

Why does the cat roll at the sight of you?

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Cats quite often turn over on their backs, arranging a kind of - otherwise cute - show for the handler. Rolling, stretching and sticking out your tummy in front of your eyes is a form of communication. What's behind it? Well, that's the catch - there are several possibilities. Below we present the most common of them.

"Now I can chill out"

Were you not home? Your cat was definitely waiting for you - your return is a sign that everything is fine and on the right rhythm. This, in turn, arouses the cat's satisfaction and increases his sense of security. You can relax! In this context, lying down calmly on your back is a manifestation of a sense of comfort and satisfaction. Frisky is glad you came back to him and shows how much he trusts you. Don't spoil it and don't try to mess around with his tummy.

"It's so cool that you are!"

If the cat rolls at the sight of you, it could be a sign of excitement. In this case, he will first greet you cheerfully (e.g. rubbing and punch you with his head), then he will happily huddle on the floor. He can also vocalize, giving vent to his overwhelming positive emotions.

"You forgot something"

It may surprise you, but rolling over onto your back can be a form of… a reminder. Of course, a lot depends on the context. Are you sitting when suddenly a purr comes up to you and suddenly shows you your tummy? Check the time - it is very possible that it's time for feeding / playing / walking on a leash. Your purr gently reminds you that the schedule is sacred and it's time to move on to the next scheduled point.

"I'm bored, play with me!"

Often times, rolling is just an invitation to play! Frisky may feel bored and is just looking for some entertainment. Do you want to make sure? Reach for a fishing rod or other toy and try to initiate an activity - if that's what the purr is after, it will react immediately and start hunting.

"Attention, I'll be biting!"

In rare cases, a back roll may be a sign of aggression - it signals the readiness to attack. When the purr lies like this, he can attack with all his paws and teeth at the same time. Other indications of agitation also appear in this situation, such as a jerking tail, hissing and / or growling.

Rolling over as a sign of problems

Sudden rollovers with other symptoms may indicate a medical problem. Your purr suddenly starts rolling, though he has never done so before? Check if there are any other anomalies in his behavior. Pay particular attention to symptoms such as:

  • more frequent vocalization
  • increased aggression
  • taking care of themselves outside the litter box
  • confusion
  • sleep disturbance

These types of symptoms always mean that you need to take your cat to the vet. Remember that purrs can mask the disease for a long time and not show suffering - when visible signs appear, the problem is usually already advanced. So if anything about your cat's behavior seems unusual and disturbing to you, do not hesitate and visit the clinic together.

Does your cat roll at the sight of you? What does he most often mean to you by that? Let us know in the comments!

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