Tick ​​in Cats - Cat also catches tick?

It is common to talk about tick dogs, but few people know that cats are also not free of this problem. The tick in cats, although a little less common (since, in general, kittens are raised indoors and go out less on the street), is just as harmful as it is in dogs, and only the attention of the owner can guarantee that the feline do not experience this problem.

The simple presence of tick in cats it already generates enormous discomfort, because the cats feel a lot of itching and can end up getting hurt when trying to get rid of that foreign body stuck to them. In addition, felines can also end up contracting diseases such as feline ehrlichiosis or spotted fever, which are zoonoses and can even be transmitted to humans.

How did my cat get a tick?

A walk on the street, in a farm or even in the backyard and garden of your house may have been enough for the infestation of your pussy. With that, here are some important tips:

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  • The prevention of ticks must be done on the animals' bodies and also in the environments in which they live, using tick products indicated by professionals;
  • There is no point in disinfesting your pussy if the environment is still full of ticks. It will be reinfested as often as it is, until the environment is also disinfected;
  • After leaving home, do a thorough inspection of your pussy - especially if it has long hair, which is much more attractive to these parasites - and check that it does not have any ticks attached to it;
  • There are, in the market, several preventive modes against ticks quite efficient, from products to be applied during the bath to collars that prevent ticks from approaching. Consult a veterinarian about these options before opting for any of them.

I found a tick on my cat, can I remove it by hand or with ordinary tweezers?

No! The incorrect extraction of a tick that is attached to your pet's body can cause some part of the parasite to still get stuck on the skin, causing allergies and various infections.

It is possible to find special tweezers for removing ticks, which have a detailed step-by-step on how to use them correctly. You can, with the help of one of these tweezers, to remove ticks from your cat at home, but the best recommendation is that the procedure be done by a professional you trust.

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