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When a dog is taught to do his needs in the right place, the owner finds himself with another problem on his hands: having to clean the newspaper. To help, there are sanitary mats for dogs, which help in the maintenance of waste and smell.

You dog toilets they are carpets or boxes that inhibit odors and absorb residues. There are several models, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, the choice of the model goes according to the owner's need.

Dog toilet options fit every owner’s pocket

There are simple hygienic rugs that absorb the dog's urine and need to be changed and washed at most every week. These rugs have a grid that is on top and prevents the dog from moving or biting the rug, keeping it intact for a long time. These rugs have a good duration if they are washed regularly, it is indicated that the owner has more than one to be able to do the maintenance.

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There is also the option to buy only the crate, which leaves the newspaper underneath and prevents the dog from coming into contact with its own urine. Some of these crates come with a structure for the dog to be able to lift the paw and the pee to drain until it reaches the crate. This kind of canine toilet it is good for keeping the newspaper in place, but it doesn’t really inhibit the smell and needs to be changed every day.

Another more elaborate and more expensive model are absorbent boxes, they have a carpet in the shape of grass on top of a surface with spaces through which the urine passes and is in a drawer, which is removed and washed. These boxes completely inhibit odors and do not need weekly washing, even though it needs to be washed regularly to maintain hygiene. The best known models of this type of box are the national Ecopatio and imported Pet Loo.

Using sandbox is not a good option

Cats like to cover their needs with sand, but dogs don't feel comfortable using litter boxes. They don't have the cat's instinct to know how to urinate and cover their urine with sand, so they end up stepping in the wet place and dirtying the whole house.

There is the option of placing the sanitary grid over the litter box, but the biggest problem would be to find the grid that would be perfect for the box. It could fall into the sand and make dirt, or it could get bigger than the box and end up turning everything when the dog tries to climb.

If you can find a box and crates in the same dimension, then remember to use normal or odorless sand. The smell of cat litter does not please dogs, as it has its own substances to instigate cats to do their needs there.

Can the dog poop in the toilet?

Yes you can. These types of toilets are more suitable for urine because it has absorbent capacity, which does not work with feces, but this does not prevent your dog from using it for this purpose as well.

In the case of feces, even though it is a modern toilet, the owner must clean it every day to avoid germs and the joining of flies on the way back. It is also important to wash or wipe with soap and water to clean each time you remove feces, as the smell and dirt can still remain. Another reason for cleaning is because the dog will not want to do anything there if it is still with the poop.

Never stop taking your dog for a walk

Even after buying the dog's toilet, the owner cannot stop taking his pet for a walk. The walk stimulates the dog's health and makes him less stressed, avoiding problems of hyperactivity at home.

You canine toilets they are suitable for owners who spend a lot of time away from home and do not have many hours to walk their dog. With the toilet, the dog can urinate as many times as it needs during the day, while poop is only needed once daily, and this can be done during the walk.

The owner must also remember to collect the dog's feces and put them in the trash always, it is very important to keep the streets and parks always clean and pleasant to walk, both for the dogs and for the owners.

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