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Gone are the days when the dog party was synonymous with fiction and the soap opera scene. Nowadays, when pet owners make more and more time available and, mainly, money, to please their canine friends, more and more ventures dedicated to the animal world appear, betting on services that include from aesthetic treatments to the planning of parties.

Invitations, salons, delicacies, attractions, decoration and even souvenirs are already part of most of the packages dog party made available by companies in that specific sector, with no limits on creativity.

This fashion, which had the socialite Vera Loyola as one of her greatest precursors - when she held a birthday party for her little dog full of two and four-legged guests, in the 90s - it continues to grow in the country, and the types of events There are already many that can be organized especially for dogs, with a variety of themes and special products almost as big as the one that the market offers for humans.

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According to information from the press focused on the animal world, pet party they have grown so much over the last decade that, today, it is not difficult to find professionals who have put aside a career in organizing events to dedicate themselves solely to holding parties for animals; creating more and more news and ideas for this growing market.

As in the case of humans, almost anything can become a reason for parties and gatherings for pets, and there are those who prepare typical and special events (such as a day spa) exclusively for your pets, ensuring the happiness of the pet and the joy of its owners, who can have fun watching their buddy play with companions. In Brasília (DF), even, it is already traditional to organize June parties for dogs, and every year the city hosts an Arraial Canino, with the right to dogs dressed as hillbilly and dance gangs.

With the growing number of pet celebrities - who are successful both on television and on the big screen, in the virtual world and on social networks - the number and popularity of events made for dogs, which already have the coverage of the Brazilian press.

A good example of this trend could be seen on the birthday of the dog Rabito, who was part of the cast of the soap opera Carrossel, from SBT. In the beginning of 2013, a super party was organized for the pet, with the presence of the entire cast of the soap opera and yielding special materials for the specialized press (and not specialized too, since even the program Pânico na Band was there for log the event).

Actress Karina Bacchi is another who bet on dog party as a way to celebrate the success of your pet on the Instagram network, where the puppy Joy already has more than 100 thousand followers. In this article, learn a little more about the world of dog parties, and start planning your pet's next event.

Party for pets

As we have already mentioned, nowadays it is not difficult to find projects totally directed to the realization of parties for all types of pet. However, dog parties continue to be the most popular in the segment, and gain new fans and products every day to increase them. Some hotels and daycare centers for dogs nowadays already include realization services or special assistance for planning events for pets in their portfolios, also counting on spaces where celebrations can be held.

This type of company and professional bets mainly on the virtual world to promote its services.

By hiring this service, the owner of the pet that will be celebrated with an event has the advantage of not having to worry about all the specific details that involve a dog party - and they range from the choice of pet food to the positioning of decorative items (which can cause damage to animals when they are not done properly).

The average price practiced by those who provide this type of service is varied, however, most of the time the charge is made according to the number of guests at the party, including both pet friends and their owners. In one of the companies consulted, for example, the price adopted per pet is R $ 25 (with a minimum number of 15 four-legged guests for the canine party), without including the values ​​referring to human guests and decoration.

There are also pet owners who prefer to celebrate their puppies in their own home, and it is also possible to find professionals who provide this type of service, and go to the pet's home to treat all the different aspects of a pet. canine party. Even owners who wish to make a celebration for their pets on their own, can find companies capable of providing all kinds of products and accessories for the event.

Dog food

One of the most interesting aspects in the world of dog parties is the gastronomy, which is so advanced that it can already compete (visually, at least) with the world of humans. Betting on packages and details full of elegance, color and delicacy, party snacks for pets can be found in almost every type of version and shape, allowing the decoration of the dogs' food table to be even more attractive than the rest of the party .

The variety of delicacies includes everything from decorated cakes to brigadeiros, pupcakes (cupcakes for dogs), brownies, cookies, grissinis, shortcakes and pretzels. All types of food can also be produced in different formats and more attractive for pets, such as those that imitate bones and even small ice creams. Betting on a lot of color and different packaging (such as popcorn and traditional candy canes), canine party tables can attract more attention from pet owners than from the animals themselves.

It is important to remember that the ingredients used to make any type of canine delicacy they must be chosen according to the rules of good animal nutrition, avoiding that (as humans normally do at parties) they overdo the eating or the dose of sugar.

Accessories, decoration and care at pet parties

Special panels, signs, food cards and birthday hats can also be part of the dog party package, and there are those who also choose to distribute souvenirs to mark the event. Bags for the owner to take home some snacks for your pet can be a good option, as well as accessories and typical toys for dogs.

Hiring a professional for your pet's party has the appeal of decoration as one of its main advantages, since some special care must be taken to prevent any animal from being harmed. Common in all kinds of celebrations, bladders should receive special attention when included in a celebration of petsbecause, because their hearing is much more sensitive than that of humans, animals can be harmed by the loud noise of pops.

It is recommended, therefore, that this type of device be placed somewhere very high in the party space, avoiding the reach of dogs (who will hardly resist playing with the big, colorful balls) and even people. That said, it is clear that the selection of songs for animals at a party of this type should also be done carefully, avoiding very heavy melodies or an exaggeratedly high volume.

Another important point to pay attention to at these events is the guest list. Whoever organizes the party should know the other pets that will be part of the celebration, and the list should be composed only of animals that show good behavior most of the time - considering that the pets meeting in the same environment can facilitate fights between animals.

That done, just wait for the date of the event and have fun in the company of your pet and your friends, and you can also exchange experiences with the other owner guests who take their dogs to the party.

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