6 Drawings of famous and funny dogs

All the little dog worshipers have wanted to name their pets after famous cartoon dog names. Now, after I got older, it is good to remember some drawings of dogs that mark us today and leave poles forever on the tip of our tongue.

See below for a list of six drawings of dogs most famous in the world and look forward to watching all episodes of these series again.

Scooby Doo

One of the cartoon dogs most famous in the world, Scooby is a talking Great Dane who is part of a ghost hunting group aboard the Mystery Machine. He's gluttonous and very fearful, just like his faithful companion, Sausage. Scooby is known for his catchphrase that always speaks at the end of each episode. And, however fearful and runaway he may be, he always ends up saving his friends' skin in the end.

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Scooby-Doo also ended up in the cinema in several feature films made since the 1980s. But it was in 2002 that Scooby came to life when being made in computer graphics in the new films produced by Warner, where he interacts with real characters from the hunting party. ghosts.


Doug is an 11 year old boy who has a normal life in the city of Bluffington, he chronicles his daily life in his diary, telling his anguish, sadness and fantasies. Doug has a puppy named Costelinha, who is a seemingly ordinary blue dog, but who sometimes has human behaviors, such as knowing how to dance and play chess.

Costelinha accompanies Doug always, including in his imagined adventures where Doug is a super hero called Quail Man and Costelinha his faithful partner, Cãocodorna.


"Mutley, do something!" is a phrase that everyone knows when it comes to dogs in cartoons. Dick Vigarista is a well-known villain from the Crazy Race, who later appeared as the leader of a gang of villains in the well-known cartoon Vulture Squadron (now known as Dick Vigarista and Muttley). Dick has a companion named Muttley, a dog with an unmistakable laugh, addicted to winning medals and with totally human behavior.

Dick, Muttley and their troupe spend the entire drawing hunting a pigeon, and are never able to capture it. Muttley is always what is called at the time of urgency to capture the pigeon, and when things go wrong, it turns its tail very fast to be able to land on the ground without getting hurt.


Pluto is a Bloodhound known as the Mickey Mouse mascot in Disney cartoons. He behaves like an ordinary dog, although he seems to reason many times in some films and episodes, but he is essentially a normal dog, unlike most dogs. cartoon dogs. He is a companion and cheerful, always accompanying Mickey in everything, including his meetings with Minnie.

Pluto won a few episodes of his own, as well as participation in stories from other Disney characters. An interesting curiosity is that the film "Give Me a Paw", starring him in 1941, won the Oscar for Best Animation.


Out of the comics, Snoopy is a dog of the Beagle breed that is part of the stories of the Peanuts, better known as Charlie Brown's Gang. At the beginning of the editions, Snoopy was an ordinary dog, walking on all fours, and walking with its owner Charlie Brown. Over the years, Snoopy gained a more humanized character, starting to walk on both legs, and thinking. The reader had access to his thoughts through thought bubbles. So his personality was discovered, Snoopy was a shy and quiet dog, but inside his thoughts he went through high adventures, including knowing how to fly.

Snoopy ended up on television in several Peanuts specials, and in a television series called The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, where he had a much larger share in his owner's adventures and ramblings.


Character of a drawing series with dog more current than the others, produced in the late 90s by Cartoon Network, known as “Courage, the cowardly dog”. The main character is a very frightened dog called Courage, he lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere with his two elderly owners Muriel and Eustácio. Muriel treats him like a son, she was the one who adopted him, while Eustácio is always in a bad mood and often calls Courage "idiot dog".

Despite all this fear, Courage is always the one who faces the monsters to save their owners from their clutches, often this salvation happening, in fact, by sheer luck.

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