Pet passport can now be issued in Brazil

As announced in 2013, the issuing of the pet passport in Brazil began last Monday (24), which allows the transit of dogs and cats inside and outside the country. Although not mandatory, the new passport replaces the International Zoosanitary Certificate ( CZI) - required to allow the transport of pets on trips in the national territory - being a valid document, still, in Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Paraguay.

Although the countries mentioned above are, today, the only ones besides Brazil that accept the pet passport, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (responsible for issuing the document), an update in this sense should also occur next month, including European Union countries in the group where the document is valid.

To acquire the pet passport for your dog or cat, it is necessary to contact any of the units of VIGIAGRO - International Agricultural Surveillance System - housed in airports, border posts and ports across the country. According to the ministry, the posts do not yet have the document, in fact, in these places; however, it can already be requested, and its issuance period is up to 30 days.

When requesting the new document, the pet owner who seeks the passport must be accompanied by his animal; besides having, in hand, the certificate that proves the pet's identification through the application of a microchip. Proof of residence and identification documents of the owner must also be provided when applying for the passport, as well as a certificate of health of the animal signed by a veterinarian.

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Issued in English, Portuguese and Spanish, the pet passport will have all the main information about the animal's characteristics and health, including the microchip number, name, breed, estimated age, coat, sex, vaccination data and certificate of health.

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