Meet the Smallest Dog in the World

When asked about the breed of the smallest dog in the world, it is common for the Chihuahua to be the chosen one and it is not for less. This breed is known for its miniature size, often called pocket dogs.

An example of this is Chihuahua Boo Boo, which entered the Guinness Book as the smallest dog in the world, measuring 10.16 centimeters and weighing only 675 grams. Despite this, breeders claim that the extremely small size as in the case of Boo Boo should be avoided, as it can bring with it several health problems for the puppy.

Photo: Reproduction / Press

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The breed's name originates in Mexico, the region from which they are believed to have originated, and, despite the mini size, they are efficient as domestic guard dogs, easy to adapt.

Like giant breeds, size is also an issue for them. Because they are possible smallest dogs in the world it has reduced mobility and its size creates serious bone problems in the pets.

In contrast, Chihuahuas have an excellent sense of smell - even if inferior to those of a Beagle, for example, which are one of the best breeds of sniffer dogs - and this is one of their main senses. His hearing is his most refined sense, managing to capture high-frequency and low-volume sounds and still differentiate words, which makes him as good as a domestic guard dog. On the other hand, their vision and taste are not very developed, but, in general, they are loyal and affectionate dogs with their owners.

An interesting fact is that they may soon lose their place in the Guinness Book of smallest dog in the world to Meysi, a Terrier who lives in Poland. At four months the puppy measures just 7 centimeters in height and weighs 150 grams. The title change must wait for Meysi to turn 1 year old and remain smaller than Boo Boo, the current record holder.

Photo: Reproduction / Press

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