What do you think about drinking fountains for cats?

Frequent water intake is a determining factor for maintaining good cat health, especially in relation to the urinary tract. When the animal does not drink enough water daily, it can have serious kidney problems such as urinary lithiasis (kidney and bladder stones), for example.

Some cats prefer to drink still water, others prefer running water, in the case of those who prefer running water it is necessary to use continuous flow troughs, for permanent stimulation of water intake.

There are several types of drinking fountains for cats and they can also be replaced by fountains for cats, or even those ornamental fountains sold in gift shops and gardening.

It is important to know if these sources are made of inert materials, which will not harm your pussy, and the water must be changed daily. Regardless of what form the water will be offered to the cat, you must remember that it must always be in an easily accessible place, in addition to there being several points with water around the house, to encourage frequent intake. Learn more about your cat's health at cat health.

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