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The first decision to be made after choosing to have a dog is - remembering that we have already written tips on what to consider when adopting a dog or when buying your pet in a dog kennel - do I want a dog or a dog? The needs and differences in behavior between the genders cause good debates where it is never possible to conclude which of the two is better, simply because neither is better or worse than the other, they are just different.

As with differences between dog breeds, there are a lot of myths about the behaviors of males and females. What happens is that a dog A female may have a tendency to behave in one way or another, just like a dog, but these are not mandatory rules, and there may be huge behavioral differences even between dogs of the same gender.

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing a female dog

Generally, bitches they are more protective, sweet and mature faster. As they grow up, the females end up leaving aside the typical games of artificer puppies, proving to be more focused and calm than the male dogs. They also don't feel the need to mark territory, so they can learn to pee in the right place more easily.

The female's heat is usually pointed out as the biggest disadvantage of choosing this gender, because of the bloody dirt around the house and the behavioral changes that supposedly happen during this period. Some still claim that females become "hysterical" during heat, but that is a myth.

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Some females may be more irritable during heat, just as others are quieter and still others do not change at all. It is not because the dog is female that she will have outbreaks of behavior during heat. The greatest care to be taken during the period is to keep it inaccessible to males, preventing it from leaving the house or from male dogs entering wherever it is.

Watch your home gate. Some gates, even if closed, allow some contact between who is outside and who is inside and this can allow coitus of your dog with any male who has been attracted by the smell of her heat. Check out 6 tips on how to train your dog

As for the smell, there are anti-odor sprays, which disguise the smell of the dog's heat and prevent the attraction of males. With regard to blood filth, there are also absorbent panties for females use during heat, preventing them from soiling the house. Both products can be found in petshops or specialized stores. In addition, the owner can also choose to castrate the dog.

Females can be watchdog

Probably the biggest myth about the difference between the two genders is that only males serve as watchdogs, and this is due to the fact that males are more protective of the territory while females protect the family, in addition to males also tending to be more aggressive.

On the other hand, what determines whether the dog will be a good guard is the training to which he is submitted, in addition to the characteristics of the breed. A well-trained female can become a great guard dog, mainly because you don't have to be aggressive to be a good guard dog. to learn more about watchdogs.

As we can see, what really matters is the type of training that will be given to the dog, in addition to treatment at home as well. Any dog, whether female or male, can adapt to what the owner expects of him, as long as he is well trained, well looked after, and also has his personality respected. And you can even check out some name suggestions for female dogs.

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