Why Do Dogs Drag Their Butts?

Why do dogs drag their butts on the floor? And why does it always seem like it happens when company comes over? As gross as it is (and admittedly funny at times), butt-dragging can actually be caused by a medical problem. Michel tells you what you need to know.

Causes of Dog Scooting

In general, a scooting dog is experiencing some form of irritation. The cause of this irritation can be anything. Worms, inflammation, infections are among some of the problems. Discussed in details below are the causes of a dog scooting and what interventions could be of help.

1. Anal Sac Problems

Anal sacs are two glands located in the dog’s anus. They produce some content with a foul smell which is used in territorial marking. During normal defecation, dogs are in a position to empty their anal sacs if firm feces are passed. At the same time, the content released helps to lubricate the anal area. In instances where the dog is excited or stressed, the anal glands could empty spontaneously.

In some cases though, anal sacs get blocked, abscessed or blocked due to the inability to have them emptied. This is more so in small breeds. To relieve the associated pain and discomfort, your dog will scoot. In addition, there will be other symptoms indicative of anal sac problems. These include problems defecating, swelling around the anus and attempts to chew or lick their bottom.

The main treatment for anal sac disease is having the anal sacs expressed. Additional treatments may include:

  • An increase in dietary fiber
  • Antibiotics to treat and prevent infections
  • Hot compresses
  • Flushing or lancing of the sacs which is done under general anesthetic.

2. Fecal Deposits

After a dog has suffered a bout of diarrhea, it is left weak, dehydrated and with their bottom all matted up and messy. When there are fecal remnants around the tail area and bottom, it leaves the dog uncomfortable. To get relief, they will scoot to try and get the fecal matter off the hairs at the bottom.

It is also possible for a dog to have fecal matter dry around the anus even when they are not suffering any stomach upsets. This may see your dog scooting so as to get rid of the particles and thus get relief from the irritation

In such cases, you could trim off the contaminated hair. Follow this up with a warm bath to ease the discomfort.

3. Worms

Although this is rare, tapeworms could see your dog scooting. As they get expelled from your dog, some could get stuck around the anal area. This may result in itching and scooting.

4. Rectal Prolapse

This refers to a situation where the end of the large intestine, the rectum, gets to protrude through the anus. This usually happens when a dog has been straining due to constipation as well as in cases where they have suffered severe diarrhea.

Rectal prolapse manifests as an elongated cylindrical mass protruding from your dog’s anus. Immediate veterinary care should be sought once the condition is noticed.

Your veterinarian will diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment and aftercare. This could include surgery to repair the damage, partial closure of the anus to prevent another rectal prolapse and stool softeners or moist diet to curb strain while defecating.

5. Swellings

Whether resulting from physical injuries, wounds or tumors, any swellings around the dog’s bottom are bound to make him uncomfortable. Swellings that are accompanied by additional symptoms such as pain, bruising, redness or discharge will force your dog to seek reprieve by dragging their bottom on any suitable surface. These should be reported to the veterinarian for treatment.

6. Itch

Anything that results in perennial itching will get your dog scooting. This they do to get relief from the itch and is the equivalent of scratching. Among things that could result in itching around the anal area include flea bites, yeast infections, allergic reactions and sensitivity to grooming products.

7. Dog Scooting Allergies

Skin allergies can affect any part of the body. Allergy makes the affected areas itchy and inflamed. As a result, a dog suffering allergic reactions could drag his rear on surfaces to relieve the itch.

Dog Licking Butt: What’s the Reason?

Have you noticed your dog giving a lot of attention to their bottom for extended lengths of time? Perhaps you’ve seen your dog licking their behind repeatedly over several days, weeks, or months.

Most dog owners would agree that this behavior is unusual.

Dogs exhibit scooting, licking, and dragging rear end behavior because they are in pain or discomfort.

An underlying health condition is generally causing this pain and discomfort.

Some of these conditions are minor and can be treated easily. More serious conditions can be life-threatening and need surgical treatment.

We’re going to focus on unusual behaviors like dog licking butt tendencies.

If your dog keeps licking their anus or your dog is dragging their butt across the floor or ground outside you’re definitely seeing patterns that may need medical attention.

Some of these behaviors may be caused by a minor problem while others can be severe.

Here are five canine disorders that are associated with dogs being extra attentive to their bottom area.

  • Anal sac disease
  • Perianal fistulas
  • Perineal hernia
  • Anal tumors
  • Rectal itching

In this article, we will cover five of the most common canine disorders associated with canine anal regions.

We will include a basic definition of the disorder, the signs and symptoms, breeds that are more susceptible to the disorders, and what a responsible owner can and should do to help.

Why Does My Dog Put His Butt On Me?

So you’re lying down on the couch when your dog suddenly sits on your face. You can’t help but wonder, why does my dog put his butt on me? I’ve experienced this many times with my Golden Retriever Sherlock. Sometimes, he will put his bum on my face or just present it to me. There are a lot of explanations behind this, some of which are rooted in a canine’s instincts in the wild.

Reasons why your dog puts its butt on you

Your dog puts its butt on you, not because of disrespect. Unlike humans, dogs explore the world and communicate differently. The following are the possible reasons why your doggo is sporting its rear on you.

Your dog is saying ‘hello’

Showing you its bum might be the dog’s way of saying ‘hello!’. In the canine world, a dog can easily know a lot of information from a fellow doggo by sniffing its rear. This includes the food the dog eats, gender, age, health, stress level, and a lot more. Sometimes, our dogs think that we, humans, do the same thing.

Also, showing you its bum avoids eye contact. This means that the dog wants to communicate but a bit shy or aloof. This is also called the ‘hip nudge’, which is a friendly gesture denoting passivity.

Your dog likes being petted in the rear

If your resident doggo suddenly nudges you with its butt, the pooch might be requesting a good scratch. It doesn’t hurt to give in from time to time.

However, you should check your dog’s coat if the butt scratching has become sudden and excessive. Your pet might be suffering from fleas, which caused the itching.

Anyway, even if your pooch doesn’t have fleas, many dogs love being scratched near the rump . The reason for this is that the tail area is a hard spot for canines to reach. Your dog needs a little help to relieve that small itchy area near their bum.

Your dog trusts you

Showing you its butt means that your dog trusts you. A canine will not expose its most vulnerable side if it’s not confident that you’ll not hurt them.

Many dogs do this while sleeping because putting its back on your give them a sense of security. They know that you literally got their back if predators are around.

Your dog is claiming you

Dogs also use their butts to claim their owners. They have scent glands under their tails, which releases large amounts of pheromone. Although we don’t notice the smell, it will attach to our bodies and become our ‘nametag’ for our dogs. So when other canines sniff us, they know that we are ‘owned’ by other dogs.

Next time your dog tries to rub its rear on you, just think of it as an affirmation that the pooch accepts you as part of the family. However, you should watch out if your doggo is fresh from pooping.

How to stop your dog from putting its butt on you

If your dog’s habit of putting its butt on you is being invasive, you can train them out of it. Here are some tips to help you tackle the problem:

  • Brush up with obedience training. It will help a lot to refresh your dog’s obedience skills. If your dog is trying to rub or put its butt on you, command it to sit on the floor. When the dog sits, reward it with a tasty treat. Be consistent and strict with the rules so your pooch won’t be confused with the mixed signals.
  • Ignore the dog. Sometimes, ignoring the dog will teach them that using their butts won’t get them what they want. Over time, your pooch may stop putting its bum on you.
  • Consult the vet. If your dog is rubbing its butt on you profusely, you should get it checked by the vet. This is a tell-tale sign of a worm infestation. Dogs with worms will also drag their butts on the floor to scratch the itch.
  • Don’t reward the behavior. Sometimes, we reward our dogs’ negative behavior. Even if you don’t pet or give your dog treats, reacting is enough of a reward for a canine. Your reaction is a sign that the pooch got your attention, which is already a reward itself.

Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?

In the wild, dogs sleep with their packs. They often place their backs to each other so they are not vulnerable to predators. In the domesticated setting, your dog will also exhibit this behavior. Placing its bum in your direction is your pooch’s way of ensuring that they are not exposed to harm. It also means that your pet trusts you to defend them.

If your dog’s butt is annoying, you should give the doggo a bed of its own. This will allow the canine to be more independent and to have its own den. It will take some time for the doggo to get used to it, but positive reinforcement should go a long way.

Why do dogs like their bums smacked?

It’s not really smacking that your dog loves about it. Scratching and patting their bums feel good because it somehow relieves any itch they are feeling on their rear. Also, some dogs associate bum smacks with playtime so they tend to get excited whenever you do it.

There are pet owners who noticed that smacking their dog’s rear fuels the pooch’s energy. This also happens when a canine is smacked at the rib cage. Most of the time, the pat or smack is a physical affirmation that the dog perceives as something positive.

However, not all dogs like butt smacks. Some will become angry, especially if you smack too hard.

Why does my dog put its bum on my face?

This is a pretty common behavior, which happens when the pet owner is lying down. When Sherlock was still a puppy, he used to do this whenever we’re on the bed. The vet said it’s possible that my dog is leaving his scent on me. Like what I said earlier, it’s a dog’s way of saying ‘I love you’ or ‘You’re mine now’.

However, you wouldn’t want to tolerate this behavior, especially if your dog is set to become a large canine. Just imagine the weight pushing on your face.


Why does my dog put his butt on me? It’s often a dog’s way of marking you with their scent or saying hello. However, some dogs will do it because you reward the behavior. Whatever the cause is, it’s important to correct the habit so it won’t branch out to other problems.

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