Best Cat Ball Toys

Cats can go bouncy for balls! If your feline can’t get enough of them, here is our list of the best cat ball toys.

Dogs aren’t the only ones that like playing with toy balls; cats can have loads of fun with them too. Kicking and chasing balls can be a great way for cats to get some much-needed exercise on a regular basis, whether they’re playing solo or you are interacting with them. Plus, it’s also amusing to watch your kitty playing soccer with a toy ball that’s just the right size for her little paws.

You might already have quite a few toy balls for your kitty, but if you tend to give her more toy mice and catnip toys, below is some more information on how to incorporate balls into your cat’s collection of toys. We’ve also compiled some helpful tips on how to use balls to encourage your pet to stay active, and to avoid boredom and the destructive behavior that might come along with it. And we cover some of the many toy balls that are designed for cats and that are available for purchase. You might be surprised by the wide variety of options that are out there, from those that hold treats to those that are filled with catnip.

Why Cats Have Fun Playing with Balls

A lot of cats really like playing with toy balls because they mimic the fast movement of prey as they roll across the floor. Much like you would use a wand to drag feathers across the floor and get your kitty to chase after them, you can toss a ball to let your pet hunt it down, grab it, and feel the satisfaction of successfully taking down her prey.

This is such a basic toy, but it can provide hours of fun for cats of all ages, including kittens. From balls that are crinkly and those that bounce, to those that are soft and easy to grab, there are a lot of ways to make playtime even more enjoyable for your feline friend.

The nice thing about toy balls is that you might be able to leave them out on the floor for your kitty to play with whenever she gets bored. But you can also certainly use these toys to enjoy interactive play with your pet.

No matter what, though, just be sure you keep an eye on the condition of the toy balls. And make sure they are the right size for your pet, as you don’t want your kitty to accidentally ingest a toy or any of its parts.

If a toy ball is starting to look worn, if there are loose parts, or if it breaks, throw it away and replace it with a new one. You always want playtime, whether it’s solo or interactive, to be safe for your cat, and that starts with ensuring all of the toys are intact and safe to use.

How to Use Toy Balls to Make Playtime More Fun for Your Cat

If you haven’t added balls to your kitty’s toy collection yet, it’s definitely worth getting some to see how your pet reacts to them. You might be surprised to find that she loves it when you throw a ball for her to chase down like prey, and she might even be one of the unique kitties who like to play fetch.

Plastic balls can be easy to roll around, and because they move fast, they can certainly be a good way to get your cat’s attention. You might even decide to give your kitty a plastic ball with holes in it so your pet can find it easier to pick it up with her teeth.

On the other hand, toy balls that are made from a soft fabric that your kitty can grab with her claws can also be fun. She can pounce on this type of ball, and then start holding it with her front paws while kicking at it with her back feet.

If your kitty isn’t all that interested in playing with balls, you might want to try those that are infused with catnip, as the scent might get your feline friend’s attention and motivate her to play. But, if that doesn’t work either, that’s okay! Different cats prefer different types of toys, and there are plenty of other toys that you can use to encourage her to play and exercise.

Side note: It can be frustrating if a toy ball ends up rolling under your furniture while your cat is playing with it, so some pet parents find a spot in their home where their kitties can play with balls without needing to worry about the toys getting out of reach.

10 Ball Toys for Cats That We Think Are Worth Checking Out

As you’ll see below, there are a lot of different types of toy balls for cats. This makes it easy for you to keep things interesting and keep your finicky feline entertained. Plus, with the right combination of toys, as well as the introduction of new toys, your cat will be excited to play. Variety is the spice of life, after all, and you don’t want your pet to get bored by only having access to the same old toys all the time.

Here are some examples: in addition to a regular ball that she can bat around, you can buy those that double as puzzle toys to mentally stimulate your pet and reward her with a treat when she figures out the puzzle. Or, if your kitty is a fan of catnip, you can add catnip-infused balls to the mix. And, of course, there are balls that have little extras, such as bells inside or feathers on them, to quickly grab your cat’s attention and get her ready for action.

Let your kitty unleash her inner hunter with ball toys that are so simple, yet so effective when it comes to helping her stay physically active and mentally stimulated. Here is our list of 10 toys that we think are worth checking out to help you get started. But, as always, keep in mind that it might take a bit of trial and error to find the particular toys that your kitty prefers most.

1. Ethical Pet Sponge Soccer Ball Cat Toy

As mentioned above, these toys are so simple, yet they can be loads of fun for kitties. They are designed to look like colorful little soccer balls, and they feature a soft texture made of foam. Roll these around or toss them so your cat can chase after them like an athlete. Or, let your kitty play with these balls on her own by leaving them around the house for her to find. The soft foam means they will be bouncy, and she might find it easy to pick them up with her teeth and carry them around too.

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2. SmartCat Toy Box Balls, Color Varies, 3 Pack

The SmartCat Toy Box Balls is a pack of three multi-colored balls that measure roughly 1½” in diameter. You can use these soft, foam rubber balls on their own by letting your kitty chase after them and bat them around, or you can use them if you have an interactive toy, such as the SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box or the SmartCat Peek and Play Toy Box. As with all of the other balls on this list, just be sure to regularly check on the condition of these balls, and get rid of them if your kitty has damaged them.

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3. Catit Design Senses Circuit Motion Activated Illuminated Balls Cat Toy, 2 count

Next up is the Catit Design Senses Circuit Motion Activated Illuminated Balls Cat Toy, which comes in a pack of two. This is a good option when you want to switch things up a bit, as these balls are made of smooth plastic, and they are motion-activated, so they will light up when your kitty rolls them around. Plus, if you have purchased the Catit Design Play Circuit or the Catit Design Speed Circuit, you can use these balls in those toys as well. Overall, if your cat is bored with her toys, these balls might grab her attention because they react by lighting up whenever she plays with them.

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4. Turbo Krinkle Balls Cat Toy, 4 count

When you want to give your kitty something that is a little different from the other balls in her toy collection, check out the Turbo Krinkle Balls, which are great for batting, swatting, and chasing. This pack of four balls gives you toys in a variety of colors, and because these balls are lightweight, they are perfect for tossing around to let your pet chase after them and grab them. Also, the crinkle material makes these balls even more attention grabbing, so they can be a nice way to get your kitty excited to play if she is usually bored with her other ball toys.

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5. KONG Tennis Balls with Bells Cat Toy

Do you think your kitty’s toy collection is missing a good tennis ball that will bounce and make it even more fun for her to chase it down like prey? Then it is worth checking out the KONG Tennis Ball set, which comes in a pack of three. These colorful tennis balls feature a nonabrasive felt exterior, and they also have a bell inside that makes enough noise to grab your cat’s attention and keep her engaged. Overall, these might be a great tool that you can use to entice your pet to exercise through play. And because you get more than one ball in a single purchase, it can be a good option for multi-cat households as well.

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6. JW Pet Cataction Feather Ball with Bell Cat Toy

The durable JW Pet Cataction Feather Ball with Bell Cat Toy is yet another ball toy that is a little different from the rest. This is a good option if you have a kitty that loves toys with feathers. And because it has cutouts in the durable, non-toxic rubber, it might be easy for your cat to pick this ball up with her teeth and carry it around. Bounce this ball around or roll it across the floor to get your pet interested in playing. The bell inside will help inspire her to chase down this ball, and the holes also make it easy for you to hold the ball while letting her play with the feathers on the end.

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7. KONG Active Treat Ball Cat Toy

Want to get a toy that is a combination of a ball and a puzzle toy? One good option is the KONG Active Treat Ball Cat Toy, which doubles as a treat dispenser. This ball makes unpredictable movements as it rolls around, and when it is rolled just right, a treat will fall out, so it can be a great way to get your kitty to be more active, while rewarding her for her efforts. All you need to do is fill it with some of your pet’s favorite treats, and then watch her work on figuring it all out. Then, when you need to clean this treat dispensing toy, you can place it in your dishwasher or wash it by hand.

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8. JW Pet Fun Fluffs Cat Toys, 3 count

The colorful and lightweight JW Pet Fun Fluffs Cat Toys are soft toy balls that come in a pack of three. These can be loads of fun for your kitty to bat around and carry in her mouth. You can let your cat use these balls during supervised solo playtime, as well as when you are playing with her to help her exercise. Made of fluffy and soft polyester, these balls are gentle on your floors, as well as on your kitty’s nose and paws. Just another way to add more variety to your cat’s toy ball collection!

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9. Frisco Moppy Ball Cat Toy

The lightweight Frisco Moppy Ball Cat Toy is about 3” big, and it is yet another option when you want to add soft balls to the mix. This plush ball is designed to be easy to toss, chase, grab, and bat around. Your kitty can catch it easily with her claws, and you can use it to encourage your pet to run around the house to tackle it. Plus, because it contains catnip, it can help make it even easier to encourage your cat to stay physically active. And, like the other products on this list, it is another great way to give your kitty a toy that she can play with on her own (just remember, it is always best to supervise!).

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10. Petstages Chase Meowtain Track Cat Toy

Are you tired of all of your cat’s toy balls getting stuck under and behind your furniture? Then a product like the Petstages Chase Meowtain Track Cat Toy might be just what you and your feline companion need. Your pet will be able to play with balls, but they’ll be contained in one place, so you don’t need to worry about them rolling away out of reach. Plus, this is a good option when you are looking for something a little different than loose ball toys. Just set this sturdy, durable, four-tier tower up wherever your kitty likes to play, as it will stay in place with its non-slip base. Your cat can then go after the balls that are found on each track, letting them spin around in circles. And you can enjoy interactive play by pushing the balls and then letting your kitty work on stopping them and grabbing them.

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So Many Fun Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained…and Exercising!

Toy balls that are designed for cats can be a great way to add more variety to your pet’s toy collection, and they can also be a smart way to keep your furry friend active so she doesn’t end up gaining too much weight. Remember, it’s a good idea to buy a few different types of ball toys to see what your feline companion likes best. And then rotate the toys, putting certain ones away and taking others out again, so you can always keep things fresh and interesting, while helping your pet avoid the boredom that can come from only being able to play with the same toys all the time.

We hope that the list above has helped shed some light on the many different toy ball options that are available, from those that are soft and fuzzy to those that are bouncy, as well as those that have little extras like bells, feathers, and lights. Once you find the right products, your cat is sure to be thrilled.

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