Guard dogs

Watchdogs have been known for a long time, this has always been a function aimed at man's best friend. A dog can perfectly function as a human's bodyguard.

However, when it comes to dogs for safety, the matter is a little more serious. Guard dogs must always be treated with caution and respect, it is not a simple choice and requires training and willingness of the owner.

Dogs have strong instincts, and when they are solely responsible for the owner's safety, these instincts tend to become even stronger. Therefore, training is a crucial point in the training of the watchdog.

Dressage is the most important

It is important to always remember that a dog is not a weapon. Guard dogs are made only to help with security, not to be completely safe. The training of a watchdog is done especially for the owner to have total control over the dog's actions.

In training the dog learns to have attention and patience, it is also taught when to bark and, only as a last resort, when to attack. The dog is not made to bite the human, it is made to alert and protect its owner of any and all danger.

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Inadequate training, or even no training at all, can cause problems for the family, as a territorial dog, bred only to attack, becomes a threat.

The choice of breed

The important thing, when it comes to breeds for watchdogs, is exactly to think about the size. A watchdog needs, first of all, to inhibit. Some breeds have the bearing, but not the attitude. Being a guard dog is something that belongs to the dog, and it will be much easier for the owner to train a dog for the function than one that is not.

German Shepherd

Special breed for the defense of properties. It is also widely used for company, guide for the disabled and police activities. It has an effective reaction to aggressions, barking loudly and continuously. He is also attentive and obedient. Very intelligent too and a great potential for intimidation.

He can also be very attached to the family and has a good relationship with children, as long as they know how to respect their space.


Strong, agile and resistant. He has a very strong temperament. It is used for property defense and police work. Excellent watchdog, takes care of its own space with all necessary size. However, it requires a firm wrist from the owner, tends to challenge him when he doesn't like something. But with the right socialization, you can be a good companion dog.


It is medium in size, like other dogs, used for police work in addition to guarding. Excellent watchdog, has quick reactions and loud barking, making it very intimidating. It is intelligent and very easily trained. It is easy to get used to children, however, it does not get along so well with other animals.

Brazilian Fila

Breed initially used only for guarding, now, however, it is also used for companionship and herding. It has a strong bark and impresses with its size. However, it is not a very active dog, and it is very stubborn, not being very simple to train. He deals reasonably with other people, but he cannot be in the company of other animals.

Great Dane

Considered to be an extremely docile and balanced dog with its owners, the Great Dane is among the breeds considered to be the best guard dogs. Being able to reach up to 1 meter in height and weigh up to 80 kilos, this dog is very agile, despite its enormous size; and it serves as a good protector, precisely, for this mixture between conscience, control and strength - that allows the trained animal to attack, only, when the situation is absolutely necessary for such.


Used since ancient times as a hunting, guard and protection dog, the Mastiff is very suspicious of strangers and very loving to its owners. Noted for its large size and immense strength, the dog of the breed is very brave, becoming a great breed option for guard training.

Cane corso

Owner of a great understanding ability, the Cane Corso dog can be easily trained to become a perfect protector of his family and property, being an extremely attentive and controlled animal (when the training is done correctly), in addition to independent and defender by nature.

How guard dogs are trained

In order to have a good guard dog at home, in addition to choosing the ideal breed, it is also necessary to define the right type of training that the animal must undergo. Hiring a trainer, in these cases, is a great option to speed up the process - and when the animal is trained from a young age and already has a natural protective instinct, this learning becomes even easier.

Popularly called defense training, the watchdog training it consists in teaching the dog to obey specific attack commands - becoming aggressive only in strange situations or under the orders of its owner or trainer. In most cases, this type of training is done with the help of a person who serves as a “guinea pig”, and (protected, obviously) poses a threat to help the dog assimilate the type of occurrence in which the attack is required.

The guinea pig will provide conditions for a specific situation to be created and, in this way, make training possible, which will teach the dog to release all its aggression on this supposed threat - and, also, to control its impulses according to the command of the owner. Basically, training consists of a chase “game” under the command of the owner, which indicates when the dog should attack and when it should release whatever presents it with some kind of danger.

By encouraging the defense of its owner at any cost, the watchdogs training it can also generate some problems in the animal's daily life - since, from this training process, the dog can start to interpret a series of common situations (like a child playing hide and seek in a park, for example) as threats in potential, and this can cause serious accidents.

Bearing in mind that the vast majority of dogs can end up attacking even without training - following their natural instincts - it becomes even clearer the possibility of problems in letting a dog of this size loose close to strangers.

Therefore, by train your dog to be a special guardian, it must be remembered that - even though he is extremely docile with his owner - he should not be loose or without a muzzle in any place where he can identify dangers (even if they do not exist), as this can cause a lot of confusion for the dog, its owner and, mainly, whoever is identified as a possible aggressor.

That said, it is easy to understand why a dog owner should think very carefully before promoting any type of training that encourages his friend's aggressiveness. To stay away from this type of situation, there are those who perform specific training to condition the dog to bark a lot in atypical situations, warning its owners about the threat without actually attacking a possible invader.

Whatever your choice of training, the reward factor cannot be overlooked in the process, and training should be done in a peaceful manner and without the use of violence as a form of teaching or punishment - since this, in addition to harm health and animal welfare, can make it even more aggressive.

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