Pers - this is a cat, just a little different

Whoever had the opportunity to meet a Persian cat in person, to stay with him longer, states that the Persian cat is a slightly different cat after all. Today we present you some interesting facts about this old breed of cats.

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A handful of curiosities about the Persians

  • Persians are often "used" in felinotherapy due to their gentle nature. Most of the representatives of this breed are gentle and friendly creatures. And their manicured fur is unmatched to the touch.
  • Persians are a very old breed of cats. Their appearance has changed over the years. Currently, we distinguish between old and new types of Persians. Old-type Persians did not have such a flattened mouths, and thus, less frequently suffered from anatomical defects of the bones, as well as the eyes and nose.
  • Persians are the most common purebred cats in shelters. All because of the passing of fashion for this breed and the neglect of the caretakers. Delicate fur and the need for care treatments - this is an absolute must.
  • This breed often has a genetic defect in the form of polycystic kidney disease - in good breeding, carriers of the defective gene are not reproduced. A cat with such a defect can live a relatively long life, provided that it is properly managed - a low-protein diet with low phosphorus levels, similar to cats with chronic renal failure, reducing stress, periodic control of blood urea and creatinine levels. That is why it is worth checking where we buy the cat from. And consider whether we will systematically care for his fur, eyes and nose. If not - the exotic may be a better choice - it differs from the Persian in its shorter fur and its character is similar.

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