Why do some cats sleep a lot?

Anyone who owns a feline or is familiar with the habits of that animal already knows that the sleep of the pussies is a topic that can lead to much discussion. Owner of nocturnal habits, felines can spend all night looking for news and activities to occupy themselves, however, during the day the cats sleep for many, many hours on end, even worrying their guardians with so many hours of sleep. and rest.

Although the introduction of this article may seem a bit exaggerated for those who do not know feline life and customs well, suffice it to say that some cats sleep for up to 20 hours to give an idea of ​​the size of the pussies' love of sleep. But anyone who thinks that all this resting time occurs at once is mistaken, since the cats, in reality, are capable of taking a series of small naps that, added together, complete up to 20 hours, but not from falling asleep entirely. that period.

In any case, 20 hours of sleep is an exaggeration for anyone and almost any other animal, and the fact that cats train nocturnal habits explains much of this mystery. Naturally more alert and active at night, pussies are born with a wilder physiology that can be compared to that of a predator, and even being domesticated, the signs that encourage the animal to rest during the day and go hunting during the night follows gifts.

This hunting instinct can be seen in many other aspects of behavior and attitudes of a feline, which go beyond sleep, including the style of games they consider favorite and include acts like crawling in the shadows; to keep an eye on the owner and even jump over people or objects without warning. Spending energy on day-to-day play, felines feel the need to rest and save their strength for the night's hunt, which even if it doesn't occur will have the cat awake and alert.

Obviously, factors such as breed, age, health and even the temperament of the animal can also influence the level and hours of sleep of a feline, and like us humans, the sleep of cats can also be affected by climate changes. However, even coming from a wilder and hunter origin, felines have a great capacity for adaptation, and can be conditioned to modify part of their resting habits to be able to spend more time with their family, if it is their desire.

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Another item that can also cause changes in the pussies sleep is your food. Knowing the moments when they receive food, the animal that lives inside the house ends up adjusting to the family's meal routine, and may end up sleeping even more due to this, unlike the street cats that, precisely because they need to move to able to feed themselves, they can stay awake for longer.

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