From January 1, new duties towards animals

Attention pet owners and local governments: from January 1, a new law on animal protection comes into force. It means new obligations towards our pupils.

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- It's not a problem for us. And so we were to ban it from the New Year - informs Maciej Chłodnicki, spokesman for the president of Rzeszów. But this is just the beginning of the changes. - There are a lot of them, they are important and I am very glad that they are finally there - praises Halina Derwisz, president of the Rzeszów Association for the Care of Animals,

The regulations say that you will only be able to buy a cat or a dog in registered kennels or from animal protection organizations, such as an animal shelter. Not at fairs and bazaars. - And this will be guarded by the municipal police - announces Chłodnicki. However, the Act also prohibits the reproduction of cats and dogs for commercial purposes, if the owner does not have a registered kennel. But who will check it? What if, for example, puppies are born on a farm, and it will not be possible to sell them on the stock exchange or market? Who will check what the owner has done with the puppies? - We are waiting for the implementing provisions to the act. Then we will think - says Stanisław Homa, head of the Environmental Protection Department of the Rzeszów City Hall.

The act requires local governments to have funds for feeding and caring for free-living cats. "We have such a fund right now," says Homa. The local government must also have a contract with a 24-hour veterinary office. - And we have contracts with two veterinarians. Every wild animal that, for example, has trouble in winter, is saved by them on our call. It happened that even officials used their cars to take, for example, small birds to Dr. Fedaczyński to Przemyśl - says Homa.

The amended act also prohibits catching animals when there are no places in the communal shelter. It will be forbidden to release them without marking identifying the owner.


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