Dog shoes: need, care or just a treat?

Many dog ​​owners love to dress their pets with trendy clothes and some also choose to use dog shoes. However, the use of this accessory has its advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you to use common sense and know when you can really put shoes on your dog.

Among the advantages of using booties for dogs there is the fact that they maintain the hygiene of the animal's paws, even preventing it from being hurt by shards or spikes that are on the sidewalk during the walk. The accessory can also prevent burns on the legs due to the hot floor. On the other hand, they can harm the balance and posture of the animal, which is defended mainly by veterinarians.

How to choose the shoe for your dog

The variety of shoes for dogs, as well as clothing, is wide, which makes it almost impossible for some people to escape the temptation to make their pet fashionable. Talking to the vet can be a way of deciding whether or not to use these accessories. Anyway, some care is essential.

When buying dog shoes, it is necessary to prioritize some aspects of the product. First, the footwear must be of the appropriate size: not too big so as not to cause friction with the material and, consequently, injuries to the paw, or to tighten, so as not to hurt. The shoe must also be flexible, anatomical, light and comfortable.

When to Wear Dog Shoes

Give preference to the dog shoes when he goes out to the street, in order to protect his paws. At home, I leave you more at ease, without them. In addition, the accessory cannot be used for a long time, as it is in the cushions of dogs, the cushions, where the animal's perspiration occurs.

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The use of footwear should not be too frequent either, as this will prevent dogs from naturally sanding their nails, which happens when walking. Without sanding, the nails grow and bother the animal. A tip for him to get used to booties for dogs is to put your pet on as a puppy.

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