All about cats: care for your pet's food

Anyone who has a cat at home has already realized that on certain days he doesn't want to know about that usual ration and in some cases, he even loses weight. The problem is that despite the fact that cats are carnivores and the pet market provides more and more food that pleases cats' palates, they need to vary their diet. Knowing everything about cats is a long and practically inexhaustible process!

Always eating dry food can cause problems in the cat's urinary system and even generate bladder infections. Even if the cat loves the traditional kibble and those dry biscuits from famous brands, try occasionally to soak these cookies with a little water or mix some canned food with the kibble. Know all about cats it is essential before adopting a new friend.

Try to vary the dry food with other foods

In addition to industrialized food such as canned food of various flavors, biscuits and traditional dry food, it is also possible to prepare homemade food for your cat. However, this type of task requires special care, as cats cannot ingest all of these spices and varieties of oils that we are used to every day. A meat cooked with a little rice and vegetables is an excellent option.

A piece of fish, chicken or raw red meat is very good for the cats' organism, but never offer them raw pork, because in this meat there is a bacterium that can be fatal to cats when it is raw.

Finally, it is essential to encourage the cat to drink a lot of water, but this is not an easy task. THE most cats prefers to drink running water, but this is not recommended, since due to the fragility of the cats' body, they should drink filtered water. To remedy this problem, numerous pet brands have made fountains for cats that have a water sprinkler available on the market. So when you know all about cats, future problems are avoided and the life of your best friend is prolonged.

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