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Dobermann file

The Dobermann is reputed to be a violent dog because of some isolated incidents, but the fact is that, in general, it is an animal with a very balanced personality. The problem comes if the dog falls into the hands of an unconscious and irrational owner.


The first Dobermann it appeared before 1885, at the hands of its creator Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a German stowaway who spent his hours working in a slaughterhouse, collecting taxes and managing them as if he worked only in a kennel.

Often, he had to carry large sums of money through the Thuringian forests and, to avoid assaults, he decided to surround himself with strong dogs. No one knows exactly which dogs were used to breed the breed, it was all very rudimentary and there are no written records. Anyway, soon his fame reached the ears of cynophiles, who were interested in the new dog and continued to improve the breed.


Dobermann is intelligent, dominant, arrogant, wise and strong in character. It is independent, but has a strong attachment to its owners. It is a territorial dog and has a high protective instinct, so it is a good dog for surveillance. It is also a very observant dog with a great memory. He gets along well with children, as long as they behave correctly.


The Dobermann is a muscular, elegant and athletic looking dog. In many countries they tend to cut their ears so that they are raised, leaving them in a sharp shape, but this type of procedure is no longer accepted in most countries around the world. Its hair is short, rough, tight and can be black and beige, brown and brown or blue and brown.

Specific care

Due to the Dobermann's character, the owner needs to be firm and authoritative, but he must also know how to be calm and very patient with the dog. The Dobermann has a very short coat and does not match very cold weather.


The Dobermann is a strong dog, but it is known that the breed is prone to skin problems and also to a disease called cardiomyopathy. Like most large dogs, they can suffer from hip dysplasia or stomach upset.