Types of dog phobia and ways to treat them

Like us humans, dogs also have certain fears of specific situations. Phobia is when that fear becomes exaggerated. Have you ever heard of dog phobia? Because canine phobia exists and it is not as rare as you might think, let alone owner freshness.

THE dog phobia it can and should be treated and there are some varied phobias and each dog can react differently to the phobia he feels. The vast majority of phobias arise in the dog's growth phase and usually cease when the cause disappears, but it is not a general rule.

Noise phobia

Dogs can have a phobia of sounds and it is actually quite common. Who has never seen a dog react to the sounds of fireworks? Or thunderstorm? That dog phobia is the most common. Some dogs tremble, even drool and run for cover. This happens because of the dog's preservation instinct, the loud and unknown noise means danger and he will try to escape from that danger.

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Although there are owners who believe that their dogs react to these sounds because they have sensitive hearing, in reality it is a canine phobia. They do not run just because the sound of thunder hurts their hearing, but because they associate the noise with a dangerous situation.

To prevent the dog from developing this dog phobia about noises, it is recommended that in the growing period, from two months of age, you expose the puppy to these noises to get used to it. It does not mean placing the dog next to bursting fireworks, but staying with it, distracting it with snacks and games, so that the sound in the background is not associated with a traumatic experience.

People phobia

As with sound phobia, the dog that is not socialized, that is, exposed, in this case to people, can develop excessive fear of strangers or even specific people, such as the veterinarian. This is for the general reason of dog phobia: associate the situation with a negative situation.

To avoid this, allow the dog since its puppy to interact with people, also emphasizing the interaction with children, as the adult dog may be afraid when it is placed in an environment with a child if it has not been accustomed since it was a puppy. In the case of the veterinarian, most give snacks to break the ice and the dog is not afraid.

Animal phobia

Phobia towards other animals is also common. It is not possible to make the dog interact with several animals since puppy, but try as much as you can, even if it is only with cats. The dog needs to realize that animals that are not of its species are not exactly threats. Find tips on how to socialize dogs at this link.

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