I adopted a two-month-old female dog, vaccinated and with the first dose of the dewormer given. What else do I need to do?

Hello, the first step after adopting a female dog is to take her to a veterinary consultation, to make sure she is healthy and start vaccination and deworming. Once the health of your new dog is confirmed, stick to the dates of the revaccination. Here you can read more about the vaccination your puppy needs.

Also check the date of reinforcement of the dewormer and what was the dewormer applied, so that your dog receives another dose of it and, thus, finish the deworming cycle. Remember not to take your new dog to the street soon after adopting her, nor to take her to bathe or be clipped, and it is also recommended that you avoid contact with other animals until her vaccination cycle be complete.

Bathing at home is allowed, if necessary, but remember to bathe it in a warmer period of the day, protect your ears with cotton and dry it well. At the end of the deworming and vaccination cycle, start considering the castration of your dog, because keeping her vaccinated and neutering her right at the beginning, you will have a pet that is much healthier and easier to maintain.

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