Top 10 Costumes Your Dog Wishes You Never Found

What better way to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve by dressing up your dog in a ridiculous outfit? Put any of these costumes on your dog and prepare for the evil eye.

1.UPS Driver

The package has a ripped corner, you say? OOPS- err,I mean, UPS.

Available at Spirit Halloween.

2. Raptor

RAWR- I’m a dinosaur! Fear me and my tiny arms!

Get yours at Buy Costumes.

3. Bark Vader

Don’t worry, Star Wars fans. We’ve got you covered with this Darth – I mean, Bark Vader costume. Evil not included.

PetSmart has got you covered.

4. Jackson Pooch

Such Thriller. Very Pop. Wow Halloween. Yeee-heeeee.

Available at Costume Craze.

5. Starbucks Pooch

I’m gonna be a latte. Bitches love puppy lattes.

Order yours (pun intended) at Amazon.

6. Queenly Costume

Bow down to your royal hiney, peasants! Bring my bowl of kibble, paired with your most precious nectar! Yes, tap water will do.

Available at Spirit Halloween.

7. Pikachu

Hurry, human! We must go catch them all!

Get yours at Etsy.

8. Hot Dog

Put this on a Dachshund and watch the look on everyone’s faces as you go for a walk!

Get them while they’re hot at Buy Costumes.

9. CatDog Costume

Identity crisis in 3… 2… 1!

Take a deep breath and head to Bad Ass Petz.

10. Harem Pooch

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… you have not. We’re not sorry.

Get your dance on at Party City.

Diana Faria

Diana Faria is a freelance writer who loves to write about all things dog- and bird-related. She’s been around pets all her life and her longest relationship was with a 17-year-old peach-faced lovebird named Panchoe. When she isn’t writing about the furry friends in our lives, she’s making her black-capped Caique, Max, Instagram famous. She’s also a pillow for Kika, her short-tempered yet cuddly Chihuahua/Dachshund.

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