Dogs are jealous and can develop psychological problems

Whoever has a canine pet at home already knows that these animals can express to the most different states and expressions. However, even so, many doubt the ability of these pets to feel; and American research has just proved this wrong group of unbelievers - since, according to their results, dogs are just as jealous as humans.

In addition to confirming that dogs are jealous, the study by the University of California also proved that, precisely because of this ability to feel jealous, some dogs may end up developing a deep depression in situations that involve the arrival of babies or other pets in the house where they live, for example .

Counting on a group of 36 dogs with their respective owners, the research involved some specific tests to determine if there was a feeling of jealousy of the animal. At first, pet owners received a fake dog, a pumpkin and a children's book that plays songs while their pages are turned - they must interact with such elements and treat them as if they were real dogs, directing affection to they.

While the owners turned their attention to the objects, the behavior of their pets was observed; who tried to call the tutors' attention in the most diverse ways - being aggressive and showing affection the most frequent - showing strong and clear evidence of jealousy by the animals.

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Drawing a parallel between pets and humans, the research compares dogs that are jealous to small children who have just won a new sibling, for example; emphasizing that the feeling is practically the same - since, like children, dogs also see their guardians as their parents.

Also according to the results of the study, a list was drawn up with some of the canine breeds that own the higher levels of jealousy, as you can see below:

  • Maltese (81%)
  • Chihuahua (54%)
  • German Spitz (54%)
  • Turnkey (37%)
  • Pug (27%)
  • Boston Terrier (27%)

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