5 Most Common Cat Problems

Anyone who has a cat knows that these adorable furry paws have their own ways that we don't understand and will never understand. There are five cat problems that we consider the most common, find out here each one and how to deal with it.

You 5 cat problems most common are:

  1. Scratch

Whoever has a pussy at home, it is certain that they also have some piece of clothing or scratched furniture, because scratching is a very common habit of feline behavior and can be motivated for different reasons. Sometimes the cat just wants to sharpen the claws, at other times it just wants to relieve stress and boredom, to spend energy, or it can be to mark territory, because when scratching, the cat releases hormones in the place, demarcating the territory with its smell .

There is no way to stop the cat from scratching, this will continue to be one of the cat problems ever. What you can do is change the focus of the fate of the feline claws. Buy a scraper, they are perfect toys to distract the cat, make him expend energy and still save his rug and the new pillow you bought to put on the sofa. The most successful ones are the scratching towers.

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  1. Aggressiveness

That cats are not animals that show affection easily, we know. But aggressive behavior is no longer normal for any race. Most causes of feline aggression are easily resolved with dressage.

Types of aggression that cats develop:

  • Predatory
  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Because of pain
  • Territorial
  • Maternal
  • Redirected

Aggressiveness is another one of the cat problems which are normal, but can and should be resolved. Predatory aggression is due to the cat's natural hunting instinct, but when this behavior persists, the cat begins to find it normal to play with you and scratch, leaving bruises.

THE offensive aggression it is usually common when there is more than one pet in the house, the cat feels it needs to impose itself. The defensive aggression it happens when the cat is subjected to strange situations with people it does not know or with new animals. He feels threatened, tends to point his ears, rear his body and prepare to attack if the animal or person approaches.

THE aggression by pain may occur. Sometimes the cat is feeling a lot of pain and ends up being aggressive, not knowing how to express the pain, and because he is more vulnerable than he is, he adopts an aggressive posture to defend himself. THE territorial aggression it is basically driven by the same motives as offensive and defensive aggression. The cat has a need to protect its space.

THE maternal aggression it is one of the most natural and common cat problems. When the cat has a litter, it tends to be very protective in relation to the puppies and the space where they are. This type of aggression can develop in heat.

Finally, the redirected aggression it is when the cat, not being able to express itself in another way, reacts aggressively. When you are stuck at home for a long time and can't get your energy out, the first one who gets home can be a potential target.

  1. Fur balls

One more of 5 cat problems are those hairballs. Cats, especially those with long or semi-long hair, swallow a lot of hair when they are cleaning themselves. The problem is that sometimes these hairs form a ball in the cat's stomach and he cannot expel, requiring surgical intervention to remove the hair ball.

To solve this cat problem, it is highly recommended that the owner keep the hair brushing up to date. There is a brush for this that you can find in any pet store. Cats with long hair need daily brushing.

  1. The cat does not want to use the litter box

The cat, by natural instinct, learns to use the litter box to make its needs. However, it happens that the cat simply decides not to use it anymore. There are a few possible reasons for this: changing the type of litter, changing the location where the litter used to be, the dirty litter will also keep the cat away, requiring you to regularly change the litter.

Who has a cat, knows that they are very hygienic animals and even cover the place where they made the needs so that they do not smell, so if the box is dirty, he will avoid going there and will start choosing places where you would not like to. see a puddle of pee. This is one of the 5 cat problems that you can easily solve.

  1. Feline insomnia

The last behavior on our list of 5 cat problems is when our pussy decides to sleep during the day and stay awake at night. Most of the time, you are the one who is encouraging the cat's insomnia. The cat needs mental stimuli to spend its energy during the day, especially if you spend the day outside, when you arrive, the cat will want to catch up.

If you leave your pussy idle during the day, the tendency is for it to spend that time resting, so you will have plenty of energy to spend the night. The solution is to have several toys for the cat to have fun, the other idea would be, if possible, to have more than one cat at home, so they play and get distracted during the day, leaving to replenish their energies during the night.

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