Dr., is there any indication for making homemade snacks for my dog?

Homemade dog recipes should always be supervised by a veterinarian. Excess or the simple presence of certain ingredients can pose serious risks to your pet's health.

A book I acquired a while ago and I found very interesting is the “Gourmet Dog - Homemade and Healthy Recipes for Your Dog” by Myrian Abicair. He has several recipes for dog snacks and information about foods that can and cannot be offered to your puppy.

This book is even more confident because it has been validated by a veterinarian, Flavio Ely Toniazzi, who ensures the use of prescriptions. There are many snacks on the market that can satisfy your dog's wishes without taking risks or giving you too much trouble, fruits are an option if used with caution. Regardless of what you choose, remember not to overdo the amount of snacks, because if the animal already has a complete diet, many snacks can lead to obesity.

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