Wild cats: what are the 10 biggest cats in the world

Felines are one of the main predators on the planet; with keen eyesight, agility, strength in the jaw and the patience to be able to catch their prey, these are the main weapons of wild cats. These characteristics are so common in the family of felids that they are present from the big and heavy animals of the world's jungles to the domestic cats.

As much as the wild cats current ones may be big, some old ones were already bigger and more dangerous. The Lion of the Caves and the popular Saber-toothed Tiger, both extinct, were large beasts that walked the planet. Smilodon, the most well-known of the Saber Teeth, reached 3 m in length and could weigh up to 300 kg.

The biggest cats in the world

Having as its natural habitat the cold and icy lands of Asia, the Snow Leopard tops the list of the largest wild cats 1.30 m long. Living in South Africa and India, Caracal has pointed ears and is quite light compared to its 1.40 m in length, weighing 20 kg. The Cheetah, or Cheetah, weighs 60 kg and has an ergometrically designed body to give you speed in the race. It has 1.45 m of body length with 80 cm of tail that helps you reach 120 km / h!

The largest of the lynxes, the Eurasian Lynx, is 70 cm high at the shoulders and measures 1.50 m in length. The Nebulous Leopard, or Panther Nebula, has the largest canines of all terrestrial carnivores and is 1.80 m long. In the two meter house, the Leopard spends 2.65 m in length with 80 cm in height of the shoulders. With 5 cm more, the Puma, also known as Leão da Montanha, Onça Parda or Suçuarana, is 2.70 m long and 90 cm high.

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The three largest wild cats of the planet are, in order: the Jaguar, the Lion and the Tiger. The Jaguar, a native of the Brazilian lands, can weigh more than 100 kg and reaches 2.75 cm in length. The king of the jungle, the ever popular lion, can reach 3 m in length weighing up to 200 kg. And lastly, the Tigre has an average of 3.10 m in length and weighs 220 kg! And, oddly enough, all the cats mentioned are agile and hunters born in their respective proportions.

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