No entry for cats and dogs

Soon you will not be able to meet cats or dogs in Polish cowsheds and piggeries.

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This is one of the points of the regulation on veterinary requirements proposed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. It would also be obligatory to register entries and exits. Regardless of the size of the farm and its nature.

According to, according to the new regulation, if a pet nevertheless enters the place where cattle and pigs are kept, its owner may, for example, lose agricultural subsidies. Each farmer will have to - if the regulations proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture come into force - keep a register of people entering the farm buildings.

The matter seems absurd as farm animals often go outside to graze. Many of the animals are kept in buildings with open windows, through which wild birds can enter. Cats in the countryside have always been used as a natural protection against rodents, also in buildings with farm animals.

The regulation is to change this.

According to the draft, farm animals could stay only in such buildings that will be effectively protected against access by other domestic animals, e.g. dogs and cats.

Farmers also do not want to be subject to another regulation, which requires the entry and exit of the barn to be registered each time in a special record book. Above each breeding facility there would have to be an information board: "No unauthorized persons entry".

The National Council of Agricultural Chambers, which received the draft regulation for an opinion, did not leave a dry thread on it.

"The doubts of the agricultural self-government concern the provision in section 2 §1 of the draft regulation, which provides for the obligation to keep special records of entries and exits of means of transport and visitors to the farm" - we read in the opinion of KRIR on February 17.

The Management Board of KRIR admits that the new regulations would not be a problem only for specialized farms and large-scale farms, "Because mostly farm buildings for livestock production are separated from the rest of the farm".

Objections were also raised with regard to the requirements of securing farm buildings against the access of cats and dogs kept on the farm.

“On many farms, dogs are used as herding dogs and therefore, also outside the grazing season, they should have daily contact with animals. On the other hand, cats as well as certain breeds of dogs, staying in farm buildings, successfully protect them against rodent access ”.

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