California Spangled Cat

California Spangled Cat Fact Sheet

The California Spangled Cat has dark, round spots all over its body, which resembles the pattern found in some birds, in addition to its aspect of African wild cat. A striking feature of the breed is its way of walking, always close to the ground. It was created in order to alert people to the need to preserve wildlife.

The breed is quite rare despite the breeders' efforts to make it more popular, the number of dogs is around 200 cats worldwide and the crossing between two cats of this breed is difficult due to the great distances that need to be covered. This cat is the type that adapts to all people and situations, but the California Spangled Cat it is especially suitable for families, enjoying feeling included in them. The breed is also an option for people who want a cat that can be trained.


California Spangled appeared in the United States in the 1970s, in the state of California as its name says. Its creator was Paul Casey, who was looking for a wild-looking cat, like a leopard, but with a very calm personality. Paul Casey then began to breed numerous different breeds of cats, initiating a long breeding process. It took eleven generations to establish the characteristics of the California Spangled, so the breed had its debut only in 1986. The California Spangled Cat comes from a mixture of breeds such as Manx, Turkish Angora, British Shorthair, American Shorthair, Siamese, among others.

The term Spangled was given to breed California Spangled Cat because of the pattern spotted on the fur of this feline, which resembles the plumage of some birds. Paul Casey's idea of ​​raising this breed came after he learned of the killing of wild cats, from which Casey came to believe that if people owned a domestic cat that resembled a wild cat, they would start to take better care of wildlife. California Spangled is still seeking recognition by American associations such as TICA, however for this it is necessary that more breeders and specimens emerge. Its prominence is minimized for breeds such as Ocicat and Bengal, which are also wild in appearance.


The California Spangled combines a very active and excellent hunter, with a sensitive and sociable personality, without being aggressive. He is attached to his owner and likes to play, often showing curiosity about anything that moves. Quite smart, a feline of this breed will find ways to get what he wants and make sure you don't get mad at him for it.

One California Spangled cat he likes to be close to his human family and tends to live well with other cats, creating good bonds. In fact, the fact of liking other cats does not make the presence of other cats mandatory in your home. Cats of this breed are quite attached to their toys, enjoying eventually playing with hunting them. Don't let this breed's wild appearance fool you; this feline is very sweet, a perfect combination of the wild appearance and the personality of the domestic feline. Some specimens are vocals, while others are silent. In addition, California Spangled likes high places from which to observe all the activity at home.


The cat of this breed has the appearance of a wild Leopard, has a long body, with well-developed muscles and bones, and weighs between 4 and 8 kg. The head is of rounded contours, of medium width and length, the cheekbones are prominent and have a slight stop between the forehead and nose, with a medium snout. The insertion of the ears is high, with medium length and rounded tips. The eyes are set apart, appear wide open, are almond-shaped and slightly oblique, the color should be in accordance with the coat, usually in tones ranging from gold to brown, presenting blue for Snow Leopard specimens.

The coat is short, except in the abdomen and tail, the pattern is tabby and has stripes on the legs, head and throat. The marks of a California Spangled can vary in their shape, coming in the form of squares, triangles, circles, among others, but the round shape is the most targeted. The colors are black, brown, blue, red, bronze, gold, gray (charcoal) and silver. There is also the Snow Leopard variation which is white mottled with black. The tail is long, being of the same thickness throughout its length, with black rings and its end is black.

Specific care

The maintenance of the California Spangled Cat is quite simple, being basically composed by the weekly brush to keep the coat free of dead hair and with a healthy appearance.


California Spangled Cats they are considered healthy and until now no health problems of genetic origin have been related to race.

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