Animal Mistreatment

Mistreatment of animals, unfortunately, continues to be a problem present everywhere, regardless of social class. Throughout 2012, we witnessed different acts of violence and absurd injustice against defenseless animals, which came to revolt the country and make headlines in printed and televised newspapers.

Today, there are already specific laws inside and outside Brazil against mistreatment of animals which, despite being considered a crime, do not prevent many people from acting with violence and neglect against dogs and cats. Fortunately, while there are indifferent and even cruel people, there are many animal protection movements appearing in all corners of the world.

For the efficiency of this type of movement to gain strength and meaning, it is important for the general public to observe and report animal aggressors, allowing investigations to be opened and penalties to be applied.

How to report aggression to an animal?

In addition to ARCA Brasil - Humanitarian Association for Animal Protection and Welfare, which fights for the protection and rights of animals, there is the PEA - Project Animal Hope, an Environmental Entity that seeks harmony between animals and humans.

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Among the main objectives of the entity is the fight against mistreatment of animals, including repudiation of aggression, lack of food, neglect, forced labor, promotion of violence through fighting and fighting and the use of animals in shows and presentations that can harm them physically or psychologically. Also read about the responsibility of having a pet.

Throughout the country there are specific phones for the public to report aggressions against animals, and it should be remembered that, before reporting an aggressor, one must be sure of the abuses and, preferably, have evidence, making the process of punishment against the aggressor more efficient and faster. Check below the numbers of the Dial Report of some of the main states in the country.

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