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Animal adoption has become a very common practice among people looking for a four-legged companion to have at home. Adopting a dog, in addition to bringing joy to the home, is also very good for the dog himself, who will now have his own home and will no longer need to live on the street or in a space where he feels abandoned and unwanted.

We have already talked a lot about the mongrel dog or also known as mixed breed dogs, however, in general, dogs are fundamentally needy animals, enjoying having a family that gives them affection and whom they can also give affection to and it is possible to say that adopted dogs tend to be even more docile and caring towards the people who adopt them. Adopt a dog it will mean gaining a huge source of affection.

The restless behavior of adopted dogs is often due to their life before being taken to a trusted home. Many of these dogs come from the streets or places where they were not treated well, which makes them scared and hesitant in the first approaches, but when they realize that their new owners are trustworthy and just want to give affection, the dogs give themselves up and seek to return the affection in the best possible way.

It is common for the adopted dog gets very attached to its owner and even be much more needy, always wanting to be close. However, with outsiders, he can be both affectionate and a little aggressive, so the owner should pay attention to his dog's behavior and teach him how to behave in the most appropriate way.

Where can I find dogs to adopt?

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In most cities in the country there are kennels specialized in rescuing street dogs, which treat and make them available for adoption, in addition to zoonosis centers run by city halls and other spaces coordinated by animal protection NGOs.

What precautions should be taken when adopting a dog?

It is necessary to live a little with the dog before adopting it, to have some idea of ​​the personality, behavior, quirks, etc. Owner and dog need to be in tune and get along, so it is advisable to visit the place where the dog is sometimes before taking him home for good.

Generally, zoonosis centers and kennels are responsible for the castration and vaccination of dogs that are available to be adopted or, when that is not the case, they can indicate a place that does these services at a reduced or even free price.

It is essential that the dog's health is checked in detail before taking it home, to avoid problems both for the people in the house and for the puppy itself. Castration, especially, is highly recommended.

Puppy dog ​​or adult dog?

It is more common for dogs put up for adoption, especially in shelters, to be mutts, that is, a mixture of breeds, which makes it more difficult to predict aspects of its development such as how much it will grow until reaching adulthood or what your personality will be like.

A mongrel puppy, then, ends up needing to count on the owner's “luck” when choosing a dog that fits what he waiting for the adopted partner, but in spite of this, a puppy is also easier to train and to teach the habits of the house, because he does not have manias yet.

The adult, on the other hand, already shows the owner traits of his personality and his definitive size, but he also comes with some customs and manias. This should not be seen by the owner as a very big problem, because with the correct training and treatment at home, it is also possible to adapt the dog to the customs of the house.

Mongrel dogs are stars of special documentary

Due to the large number of mongrel dogs abandoned on the streets of the country, a special project was started about six years ago. Having the book baptized “Vira-Latas: The real breed dogs”As a starting point - showing super special photos of the day-to-day lives of SRD (mixed breed) dogs spread throughout Brazil - the creator of the project and publicist Tiago Ferigoli continued with efforts to increase the level of awareness of the Brazilian population in relation to to the great problem that is, these days, the abandonment of dogs.

From that, and already thinking about raising funds that could, in some way, help these sympathetic and ignored dogs a little more, Ferigoli bet on the launch of the Animi brand - which works with the manufacture of garments that have images of dogs turns -can as a print, and I am part of the money raised from the sale of the brand's t-shirts is reverted to help the world of abandoned dogs.

However, both of these actions were not enough for the creator of the Vira-Latas Project to be satisfied and, now, Tiago counts on the help of a series of internet partners (including our portal portal) for me to be made viable. the launch of his newest and most complete work dedicated to dogs: the Vira-Latas Documentary.

Filmed over the past year, the feature film about the world of strays in Brazil addresses a number of important and fundamental issues to end the 'prejudice' that still exists today against dogs that do not have a defined breed - showing from the performance of the CCZs (Zoonosis Control Centers) in an attempt to help abandoned SRD dogs to the negative connotation that the term 'mongrel' still has in Brazil; making it even more difficult for this type of animal to be among the most desired for adoption.

Counting on the participation and collaboration of Brazilian personalities such as the singer Ronnie Von, the comedian Danilo Gentili, actress Juliana Didone, actor Caco Ciocler, ex-BBB Mau-Mau and socialite Cozete Gomes, the documentary about the world of mongrels has as its main objective the awareness of the population in relation to mixed breed dogs - showing how the affection, intelligence and attachment of these dogs can be as great (or even greater) than that of dogs with pedigree and encouraging the adoption of mutts; so that they can, at last, receive all the care and attention that they really deserve.

Receiving donations from the population interested in seeing the film on cinema screens across the country (in exchange for thanks in the credits for the feature film and Animi giveaways, depending on the amount), the Vira-Latas Documentary, by collecting all the amount you need for through the Kickante website, it will be the first film released with 100% popular support.

Enjoy and make your donation now !!

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