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In 1595, Shakespeare seems to refer to the Basset Hound when he writes in The Dream of a Midsummer Night: "my hunting dogs with big, sandy jaws, with a head with drooping ears that collect the morning dew, knees bent and belly flat, slow when crawling, but with deep voices like bells ".


Despite Shakespeare's text written during the 16th century, it is likely that dogs of the breed Basset Hound are descendants of the Basset d'Artois, introduced in England in the 19th century, mixing with several other dog breeds, more specifically Blood Hounds and Beagles. The heavier specimens were mostly used as pets, while the lighter specimens were used in hunting the hare.


The Basset Hound is affectionate, calm, calm and friendly. It is not very agitated or fast, and its keen sense of smell combined with a strong hunting instinct may be that, while tracking, it obeys orders. The Basset Hound does not appear aggressive or frightened, but it can act violently to defend children in its care.


The Basset Hound is a strong dog with slow movements. It is characteristic of the Basset Hound breed to have short legs in relation to the rest of its body and very long ears that fall to the sides of the head. It has wrinkled skin on the forehead and around the mouth, its tail is long and strong, and its coat is smooth, short and generally tricolor (black, orange and white).

Specific care

Despite the lazy good looks, the Basset Hound needs exercise and running outdoors. This does not change the fact that this dog is very greedy, so the owner must exercise it daily and take care of its diet.


The Basset Hound suffers a lot from ear infections, as they drag on a lot. Often it is necessary to clean them well, the same care is needed with the legs and belly. Some dogs of this breed, due to their constitution, tend to have folds in the lower eyelid, which can cause serious inflammation, so it is necessary to pay attention to your dog of this breed.

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