Maltreatment denounces collection of dogs and cats in pet shop

About 40 pets were collected from a pet shop located in the Santa Rosália region, in Sorocaba (SP), after reports of mistreatment. According to information from the Military Environmental Police, which rescued the animals on the 10th, the establishment was closed due to an eviction order, and contained a series of dogs and cats, among other pets, left in terrible condition.

The report of the maltreatment case was made by a veterinarian, who passed by the place and believed that there were abandoned animals inside the store. After investigating the complaint, dozens of abandoned animals were found at the site; where there was neither adequate ventilation nor minimal conditions for cleaning, since both the animal crates and the feed bowls were found infested with cockroaches and a lot of dirt.

Although pets did not show signs of physical abuse, the vast majority of pets dogs and cats was found with symptoms of dehydration and diarrhea. All animals found in the store were sent for evaluations with veterinary professionals and, according to the Military Police, pet store owners must pay a fine if the mistreatment is proven.

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