Feline hygiene: tips for your kitten's day-to-day

Those who have a kitten at home know how wonderful it is to care for one. After all, they have an incredible gift for attracting anyone, even those who are not so familiar with them. And the best part is that the days end up getting more fun. Felines tend to be very affectionate towards their owners. And maintaining good feline hygiene is essential for him to have a healthy and lasting life.

An excellent feline hygiene It is not so difficult. The person can adopt some suggestions, such as those described below, making your cat healthier and looking good. Follow these tips that have been crafted with great care for you and your kitten!

Brush your cat's fur

The short hairs of cats only need to be brushed two to three times a week. Other than that, they really don't need any help with cat hygieneof your hair. However, there are some cats that love this, in which case they brush frequently, just to please them. On the other hand, long hairs need to be brushed daily to prevent the coating from becoming a tangle of knots. Use a long-toothed comb and a soft steel brush to untangle the hair.

Keep food and water basins always clean

Make sure that the cat's feeding bowls are meticulously clean. If a cat realizes that its food container is not clean enough, it may refuse to eat. Water ones should also be washed regularly.

Finally, the cat usually keeps its eyes clean, but sometimes you have to help them. If your cat has dirt in its eyes, clean them with a tissue or cotton wool moistened with warm water. Clean the dirt by moving the fabric towards the muzzle. It is important to check your ears weekly and clean the cavity if necessary.

Watch out if your ears are warm or if the animal shakes its head frequently, if this is happening it is time to go to the vet. Also check your gums and teeth monthly and don't forget to brush daily to avoid encountering dark coatings and reddish gums. Have a good feline hygiene it is fundamental.

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