Cremation of dogs and cats - Learn all about this process

Whoever has a pet knows that the affection and love given by them makes them become more than just pets, but rather, part of the family. Passing to be considered as son or brother by the people who live with him, the animal causes a lot of pain when he dies, making his family look for special ways to say goodbye - and the cremation of dogs and cats has been, nowadays, one of the most adopted options among owners who have lost their dear companions.

Although it is one among the many options for pets to have a dignified farewell, the cremation of dogs and cats it is not always just a matter of choice for pet owners; since, in many cases of contagious diseases, this is the best option for the animal to be honored while guaranteeing the end of the spread of the problem that affected it to other animals or people.

Bearing in mind that, today, most pet owners go to great lengths to honor their pets at the time of this sad farewell; more and more establishments dedicated to the organization of funerals, burials and cremations of pets are appearing in the country - offering even more options and amenities for pet owners during this delicate and emotional time.

Find out below the reasons why cremation of dogs and cats it is becoming increasingly popular with pet owners, and find out in which cases this type of process is the most suitable for animals that have died:

When to cremate your four-legged friend?

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In cases of diseases and zoonoses with high levels of contamination - such as sporotrichosis, toxoplasmosis, rabies and leptospirosis, among others - cremating the dead animal is undoubtedly the best option to choose. As this type of problem can spread even after the animal's death (contaminating the soil and soil around where the pet is buried), cremation of dogs and cats with diseases of the type may be the solution to end the focus transmission.

However, this is not the only reason why many owners are opting for cremation at the place of burial, and the cause of this has much simpler roots than one imagines: escape from pain. In most cases, the suffering of the owners of the deceased pet is so great that they prefer not to expose themselves to another situation of suffering; like watching your dog or kitten be buried.

As a result, many end up having cremation - preceded by a small wake - the most appropriate way out; enabling the pet to have a dignified farewell and without causing even more suffering to their loved ones.

Another valid reason in this respect is the fact that traditional cemeteries (aimed at the burial of humans) do not allow the burial of animals - requiring that pet owners look for other places to honor their pets - even when they already have tombstones in the cemetery in question. According to information released in the Brazilian press, a bill that would allow the burial of animals in cemeteries human rights was vetoed at the end of last year - and, according to the data, this veto occurred mainly due to requests from the Church.

However, leaving aside religious issues, it was already to be imagined that a project of this type would not be out of the papers - in view of the fact that the number of human deceased is already high, and that of animals as well and, therefore, there would be hardly any. enough extra space for both people and animals to be buried in the same place.

How does cremation work for dogs and cats?

As previously mentioned, most pet owners who opt for cremation of animals instead of burials are fleeing ceremonies that can bring you even more suffering than that caused by the loss of your beloved pets. However, this does not mean that a beautiful ceremony in tribute to the pet be excluded from the cremation process, and each establishment dedicated to this type of service has different ceremonial packages for the animals' farewell.

It is worth remembering that, if hiring a specialized company is not in the interest of the pet owner, it is also possible to arrange for the cremation of your dog or cat through contact with the city hall of your city or a veterinary clinic - which charge the animals' corpse and send it to the incineration process.

However, if the owner's wish is to make a more elaborate farewell and take home the ashes of his late petlooking for a specialized establishment is the best option. Although not all states have different options for this type of service, it is already possible to find companies in the segment with some ease in large capitals, such as in São Paulo, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro.

With separate places for cremation, these crematoriums perform this service for all types of animals, including from dogs and cats to pigs, lions and turtles. So that the families of the pets can set aside a special space for the memory of the animals in their homes, the companies guarantee the return of the ashes of the pet to the owners - offering, also, different types of urns.

The materials, styles and types of urn for keep the ashes of the animals they deserve a separate chapter and, in addition to being found in more traditional models, they can also be customized (depending on the establishment's list of services) and even ecological; since there are special urns that can be placed in the environment and, together with the pet's ashes, help plant different types of flowers - paying an eternal tribute to the four-legged friends.

In most establishments dedicated to funeral services for pets, the most basic packages - ranging from R $ 600 to R $ 3 thousand - include removing the animal from your home or veterinary clinic, cremation, returning the animal's ashes to the owner (in a basic box) and a farewell ceremony. In most cases, the price charged by the companies depends on the weight and size of the animal that will be cremated and, therefore, the packs of giant cats and dogs are usually the most expensive.

Depending on the availability of space, many companies in the segment also already have vertical cemeteries - where the pet owner can keep the animal for posthumous tributes or even stuffings, if it is the owner's wish. In some companies, it is also possible to choose cremation of your pet collectively - and in these cases, the destination of the animals' ashes is recycling.

In addition to the most basic funeral services, many companies in this segment already offer opportunities for pet owners to have a part of it immortalized in a jewel - which can be transformed into a traditional ring, for example, or be affixed to the urn itself with the animal's ashes, serving as an additional garnish.

In most cases, the customer chooses a type of stone - such as diamond - and the establishment takes care of removing a strand of hair from the animal before its cremation, which will be integrated into the stone that will decorate the ring or urn chosen by the owner; maintaining, for ever, a small part of the pet with their owners.

With more and more fans and more companies dedicating themselves completely to burial, cremation and animal services, in a short time this type of service should already be found all over the country.

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