Make dog toys yourself: Goodbye to boredom

If you want to make dog toys yourself, you can use simple items that almost everyone has at home. So boredom quickly becomes yesterday's snow! Make dog toys yourself: the four-legged friend is happy! - Image: Shutterstock / atiger

Four-legged friends alone at home? A few simple ideas will help your dog keep himself busy when he's out of the house and getting too bored.

Make patience toys yourself: the snack roll

Do you know snack balls for dogs? You can easily make a very similar and even more exciting toy yourself. You need a stable cardboard roll (for example a poster roll) and a few dog treats or some dry food. Drill a few large holes in the roll and seal the dog toy on both sides after filling it with the treats. If the roll cannot be closed with a lid, you can help yourself by closing the toy on the sides with crumpled wrapping paper.

Now the fun can begin: Put your dog on the snack roll, he will quickly understand that he can work out the snacks by rolling back and forth. Tip: If you don't have a cardboard roll, a plastic can or a large, resealable yogurt mug will do the trick.

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Work out treats from the shoe box

Almost everyone has shoeboxes at home - why not convert one into a dog toy? If there are a few snacks hidden in it, it will be much more interesting for your dog and you can vary the toys wonderfully: offer it to your dog with the lid closed, sometimes with the lid on, or leave it open and put crumpled newspaper into it in which the dog has to dig for the dog treats. Already finished!