How to bathe cats in an emergency

A cat's aversion to water, stubbornness and sharp claws make it difficult to bathe it in an emergency. Before you start, you should definitely get a second person to help you get it done as quickly, stress and injury free as possible. After bathing, the cat receives a warm towel and a reward - Image: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

If you want to bathe your cat, it is best to do so in the normal bathtub - even better and more practical would be a small plastic tub (for example a laundry basket). Before you fetch your cat, let some lukewarm water run in. Five to ten centimeters of water are absolutely sufficient.

Bathing the cat: the better the preparation, the easier

Make it as easy and as safe as possible for the cat: with a non-slip bath mat and a few large towels on the tiles in your bathroom, you can prevent your cat from slipping and wet or scared when trying to escape with its wet paws, that their fear of water increases.

After that, you should provide one or two large bowls of warm water to wash the cat with later. If you want to use a cat shampoo, or have received one from your vet, have it ready and protect your arms from possible scratches or bites with long sleeves and possibly gloves before you get your house tiger.

How to wash your cat

Now put your cat in the water. While you, or your helper, are holding the cat well, the other is washing it gently but quickly, talking to her well and comfortingly. Lather your kitten with stroking movements and wash the shampoo with the water bowls provided so that no residues remain in the fur.

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Make sure that you avoid the face and especially the eye area of ​​the cat. If the face is dirty, only clean it with a damp washcloth. Praise your house tiger when you're done and dry it with a towel or two as much as possible. Have your pet at the warm heating ready - it should only go out again when its fur is completely dry.