Is Garlic Toxic to Dogs?

There is much debate about whether garlic is healthy for dogs. But is the plant even poisonous for the four-legged friends? The answer is not clear, but depends on the dosage. Garlic for dogs - a good idea? - Image: Shutterstock / Michelle D. Milliman

It is an old farmer's rule that garlic is toxic to dogs. But what's up? The fact that the plant - including onions, for example - can be harmful to the four-legged friends is mainly due to the alliin it contains, a sulfur-containing amino acid.

Garlic contains alliin

Alliin can have a negative impact on a dog's health - but the dose is crucial here. As a rule of thumb, to get an amount of the substance that is actually toxic, the dog would have to eat 5 grams of garlic per kilogram of body weight. For a four-legged friend who weighs 25 kilograms, that would be 125 grams of pure garlic a day. That makes around 50 toes of the spicy plant. This dose is of course very unlikely.

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Toxic or not? It's the crowd that matters

So the answer to the question of whether garlic is toxic to dogs is yes, but only in excessive quantities. A small dose of garlic is even healthy for the dog. Veterinarians recommend around 4 grams of garlic a day as a health-promoting amount, which has a positive effect on the heart and circulation of the animal. Mix a little of the spice plant into the regular food of your four-legged friend - but of course only so much that the dog still likes it.