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Cat boarding: Tips for the vacation

If you want your cat to stay in a cat boarding house during your vacation, this requires some preparation. These tips will help you to find the right animal hotel and make your velvet paw as pleasant as possible. Cat pensions are good tips for the holiday season - Image: Shutterstock / Nancy Bauer

The most important thing for your planning is the choice of a good animal pension. Good tips for the search are criteria such as equipment of the facility, quality of the feed and the handling of the staff by the animals. It is best to take a close look at your cat's possible holiday location beforehand and check whether your velvet paw could feel comfortable there.

Tips and tricks for the cat vacation

It is also important that you start looking for a suitable cat boarding house in good time. Popular animal hotels are often booked out very early. Online research is usually very helpful here: Compare offers and reviews from various guest houses. Many pet owners have had experience and share their assessments on the Internet. Of course, this does not replace the pre-visit there, but it can be a first clue.

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Cat boarding house: This is important

When the vacation is just around the corner, you should of course think about what you need to put in your cat's luggage. So that the velvet paw feels good, the best tips are of course your toys. If you have a cuddly blanket, you can also pack it up - the smell will remind your cat of home and make it easier for you to stay in the cat boarding house.