How to get your cat used to the cat boarding house

How to get your cat used to the cat boarding house

So that your velvet paw feels comfortable on vacation, the choice of cat board is important. Nevertheless, it is not easy for the house tigers to get used to the new surroundings. These tips make it easier for you. The time in the cat pension can be a lot of fun for the velvet paw - Image: Shutterstock: Anastasija Popova

Of course, cats feel most at home. But if you have to go to the cat boarding house because your mistress and owner go on vacation, your stay should of course be as pleasant as possible. So that your velvet paw gets used to the animal boarding as well as possible, you should make the new environment there as similar as possible to your home.

Cat boarding: Temporary at home

So that you and your cat can optimally prepare for your stay at the animal hotel, you should take a look around there beforehand. When you have decided on a suitable cat boarding house that meets your requirements, it is best to take your parlor tiger there before the holiday. In general, cats do not like to travel. So you shouldn't take them unnecessarily from A to B every weekend - it only stresses the animal unnecessarily. But driving there with the velvet paw can help her get used to the new surroundings.

Cats present their most unusual friends

This is how your cat feels comfortable

Then, when the time comes and you leave your darling in the boarding house for the duration of your holiday, you should make sure that the animal has everything it needs. The right and familiar feed is important. The favorite toy should definitely be there, as well as the cuddly blanket.