Bolonka Zwetna: How to raise the dog

Raising a Bolonka Zwetna is not very demanding. The dog is friendly, smart, not aggressive at all, and likes to learn. To make living with him as harmonious as possible, you should only consider a few things. At Bolonka Zwetna, learning is best combined with fun and games - Image: Shutterstock / Eric Isselee

First of all, correct socialization is important for the dog. Your Bolonka Zwetna should, as soon as it moves in with you, be lovingly familiarized with other animals, children and its everyday life. If you want, you can also go to a dog school with your pet. The main thing is that you take a lot of time with your protégé because he should only have good experiences.

Consistency in the basics of dog training

If you want to teach your young four-legged friend the basics of dog training, you will find a very cooperative pet in him. Regardless of whether it is "sit", "place" or "stay": Your dog will quickly understand what you want from him if you reward him with positive reinforcement and a lot of praise as soon as he has done something right.

Never be tough or unfair with your lovable Bolonka Zwetna, but consistently teach him what he is allowed to do and what is not. The more consistent you are, the faster your dog learns.

It works best in a playful way

There are often many ways to train a dog in Rome - the fastest way to get to a Bolonka is with fun and games. The friendly dog ​​from Russia is a fan of learning tricks and will probably surprise you with how quickly he learns certain commands.

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Clicker training and various dog sports are also fun for the fluffy family dog ​​and can be combined very well with the upbringing.