Cats vs. Temptations on the table

The cats in this video know very well that eating their owners is taboo. But there's a little problem: you just can't resist!

"I know, I am not allowed to do that, but it looks soooo delicious !!!", all the funny little tigers in this video seem to think and try, sometimes more, sometimes less successfully, to capture something of their owners' food. They all put a lot of effort into it, because they want so much ...

While some of the cats are looking for understandable foods like salami, some have a rather unusual taste and try to steal cherries, vegetables or bread from the table. But as cute as the little rascals look at their cheeky stealing campaigns, the fact that they actually get something should of course be an exception, because eating from the table is usually taboo for health and love!

Cats in the kitchen: funny trips on four paws