Care: This is how the Komondor feels comfortable

Both because of its fur and its character, the Komondor has some demands on its attitude. This care is the right one for the Hungarian Shepherd Dog. There are a number of things to keep in mind when taking care of and keeping the Komondor - Image: Shutterstock / bikeriderlondon

First of all: The Komondor is not a simple and uncomplicated dog. He needs a lot of care - of course this is also due to his long fur. The shaggy hair dress needs a lot of attention. The fur continues to grow and then forms itself in cords. These villi keep growing from puppy age and need to be shaped a little.

Grooming: that needs the fur

In principle, grooming is relatively simple if you start early and do it regularly. It is better not to work on a Komondor's coat with a brush - this would impede the villi in their natural growth. It is best to get used to gently untangling your dog's villains while petting them and gently pulling them apart. Start right at the hairline. This will prevent the slowly growing undercoat from matting into a mat.

In some places you can also cut the animal's hair away completely - for example on the inside of the thighs and around the genitals. This is important for care so that no dried urine can settle there.

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Posture of the Komondor

Socialization is very important for the Komondor - this is mainly due to its special character. Since the Hungarian Shepherd Dog is not a good match for strangers, it is important to get the animal used to keeping them properly. Basically, you should note that the four-legged friend needs space: a small apartment is absolutely not the right environment for him.