Airedale Terrier: education tips

The agile, watchful Airedale Terrier is not a dog for beginners: his upbringing is demanding and requires good dog knowledge. You should be prepared for these special features in the dog breed. Because Airedale Terriers can tend to dominate behavior, good socialization is important - Image: Shutterstock / tandemich

First of all, you should consider something important when dealing with your Airedale Terrier: Even the best upbringing can only be effective if the dog is kept in a species-appropriate manner, well utilized and well socialized. Not only following commands is part of dog training, but also responsible handling of the animal. You should keep that in mind.

Airedale Terrier: A little stubborn

The education of this dog needs one thing above all: A lot of patience and calm. Terriers are known to love playing the stubborn. Owners of these dogs should always keep calm and, in case of doubt, simply stay on longer than their four-legged friends when they are just having a stubborn phase. The best way to get the peculiarity of the fur nose under control is when it is well utilized and treated gently. If he feels challenged, it can easily happen that he does the opposite of what he is supposed to do and becomes uncooperative.

Special features regarding education

In addition to the stubbornness of the large terrier comes its very charming character, which sometimes makes it difficult for its owners to remain consistent with it. However, it should always be clear that his people are the bosses, because as nice as the dog is: ranking problems are anything but nice with him.

Airedale Terrier: personable dog with character

Take care that his watchful instinct never gives him the idea of ​​acting independently. It should be clear in every situation that you are the higher ranking. Dominance towards other dogs should also be prevented by good socialization and training.