Small family dogs: These are suitable

There are some small family dogs that feel comfortable in large households and with children. They have a lot of energy and are very people-related. Find out which of the cute four-legged friends are suitable for this here. Children and Maltese are usually a good combination - Image: Shutterstock / gorillaimages

One of the breeds that are suitable as small family dogs are Havanese. The cute four-legged friends from Cuba are friendly, open-minded and love to play. That makes them great companions for children. As with most small dogs, however, you should make sure that the delicate animals are not treated too roughly.

Small family dogs: Malteser and Bichon Frisé

Representatives of the breeds Malteser and Bichon Frisé are also small family dogs. They are relatively similar to the Havanese and very affectionate. To be alone a lot is not for these little curlyheads. They like to be with their people and right in the middle of the action. Their trustfulness and playfulness make these cute animals ideal companions for families with children.

Five great dog breeds for beginners

Other child-friendly breeds: pug and border terrier

One of the most popular breeds is the pretty pug. The friendly four-legged friend can sometimes be a little stubborn, but is happy about the hustle and bustle and movement - that's why he is a great family dog.

Many terriers are also suitable for keeping in the family. The Border Terrier is one of them, because the wiry, small four-legged friend is adaptable and needs a lot of exercise and activity. With a life expectancy of around 15 years or even more, you and your children will have something of this loyal pet for a long time.