Posture of the Cornish Rex: tips

The Cornish Rex is an uncomplicated and adaptable cat and you can see that in its attitude. So that your cat is happy with you, you should of course still pay attention to some things. The Cornish Rex loves climbing and warmth - Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak

Whether you are rather calm or there is always a lot of hustle and bustle is secondary for the lovable Cornish Rex. It is much more important to her that her owners have a lot of time for her. Playing, cuddling and learning cat tricks is one of the favorite things to do with the attached velvet paw.

Posture of the active cat

You do the Cornish Rex a big favor if you don't keep them alone. She prefers a second cat as a companion, but she can usually get along well with a lovely, cat-friendly dog. It is of course important that the two are carefully and expertly brought together.

The four-legged friend needs a lot of space to play, run and run, and preferably various climbing opportunities to live out her acrobatic streak. Large scratching posts or wall boards specially installed for her ensure that she can meet her climbing needs without using the shelves of her owners. In addition, make them happy with a warm place, for example on a heating couch.

Feeding and caring for the Cornish Rex

When brushing, take good care of the frizzy fur of the velvet paw, because it tears out very quickly. It is best to use a very soft brush and take care of your pet once or twice a week.

Cornish Rex - the cat with curls

Also make sure that this cat eats in moderation. She likes doing it so much that she tends to be overweight. Several small portions of healthy, balanced feed with a high meat content and without sugar help you to keep your slim line.