Greyhound: Large greyhound with a hunting instinct

The Greyhound is a large, agile four-legged friend with a friendly, proud character. While he is calm, relaxed and cozy inside, he has one need above all: to run properly! Loves cosiness in the house: The Greyhound - Image: Shutterstock / lcswart

Even if the Greyhound is a clingy dog, it is rather unobtrusive with its relaxed, reserved nature and never intrusive. Easy-care and adaptable as he is, he feels comfortable when he lives in a beautiful, loving home with a family connection.

The Greyhound and its character

The large greyhound with the elegant stature loves being close to people and goes well with active families who spend a lot of time with their dog. The four-legged friend shows himself to his people affectionate, cuddly and very loyal. He is gentle and loving, likes to cuddle and is surprisingly cozy despite his sportiness.

The lightning-fast greyhound doesn't like it with strangers and is rather reserved or disinterested towards them.

Special features of this dog breed

The Greyhound is a confident but extremely sensitive dog. If he is treated unfairly or too harshly, he withdraws - so his upbringing requires a lot of empathy and his sensitive character should also be taken into account in everyday life. The attached fur nose should not be too much alone.

Greyhound: elegant and lightning fast

As a clever, docile dog, the Greyhound is a pleasant companion. When walking, he is tolerable, sociable and sociable - in addition, due to his urge to move, he naturally has to run a lot and is lightning fast. Many representatives of this dog breed have a strong hunting instinct, which requires special attention from the dog owner when walking.