Care and maintenance: Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is considered smart, friendly and good-natured. This makes the large four-legged friend's position relatively uncomplicated - if you have enough time and space for him. Time, space and a lot of movement: this is important for the attitude of the Bernese Mountain Dog - Image: rebeccaashworth

The lovable Bernese Mountain Dog is particularly suitable for keeping with a lot of space. A small town apartment is not for the big herding dog. Because he is very human-related, he should never be left alone all day. He likes children very much - especially thanks to his good-natured and patient nature. Therefore, the attitude as a family dog ​​is ideal for him.

Posture tips: Pay attention to his joints

Being in the middle of the action is the greatest thing for the Bernese Mountain Dog. He also likes to be outdoors: since he was bred in the Swiss Alps, he tolerates cooler temperatures better than very high ones. He loves playing, romping and long walks. However, you should be careful in his activities: like most large dog breeds, this four-legged friend also tends to have joint problems.

Other typical diseases that representatives of this breed often have are kidney and cancer diseases. The average age of these dogs is relatively low compared to others: often they only live between seven and nine years.

Bernese Mountain Dog: The Big One from Switzerland

Bernese Mountain Dog: How to groom its fur

The long hair of this animal is relatively maintenance-intensive. You should definitely brush the Bernese Mountain Dog several times a week so that dead hairs loosen and the fur does not become matted. With the purchase of this dog you should be prepared for the fact that it loses a lot of hair during the change of fur.